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Prògram Choinnich, 28 May 1997, 28 May 1997

Track ID : 7710

Book about light-house keepers' life. Former light-house keeper Donald Archie MacDonald discusses the book 'Quiet Life' by Martha Robertson, which describes the sometimes lonely life of the famili...

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Prògram Choinnich, 18 February 1998, 18 February 1998

Track ID : 14877

Oban museum and its search for a larger building. Donald Archie MacDonald, who works as a volunteer at Oban museum, discusses their current exhibition and also how they are looking for a larger bu...

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Fàilte air a' Bhaile, 24 April 1984

Track ID : 47780

Gaelic in Taynuilt. Donald Archie MacDonald discusses the local branch of An Comann Gàidhealach and whether Taynuilt is a Gàidhealach place. He also discusses the number of people in the area that...

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Cha dìrich mi 'n t-uchd le fonn, 20 October 1983

Track ID : 128533

A waulking song with several sections. In the first, the composer describes herself as pregnant by a man who is not a peasant. The second section tells of the composer's love for a talented mariner...

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Cha tèid mise 's cha tèid mi, 20 October 1983

Track ID : 128541

A waulking song in which a woman describes the men she will not accept. The one whom she loves is a hunter. She curses love and the effect it has had on her.

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