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A' leigeil fala bhon chrodh., August 1968

Track ID : 46918

Bloodletting in cattle. In the time of hardship they used to let blood from the cows to make puddings. They also used to let blood from the horses' ears when they had dementia/rage.

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Obair mhnathan-glùine., August 1968

Track ID : 46919

Midwifery work. The contributor's grandmother and her sister were midwives. His grandmother delivered a baby who was fourteen pounds in weight. They were also skilled in working with cattle. All t...

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Lusan agus feamainn airson biadh agus leigheas., August 1968

Track ID : 46923

Plants and seaweeds as food and medicine. Trefoil was used as a cure for cattle. The people themselves ate dulse, sloke and carrageen. Some were boiled in water or milk. They also boiled the chann...

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Sealg ròn airson biadh agus ola., August 1968

Track ID : 46924

Seal-hunting for food and oil. The people killed the seals using clubs on Hasker. The seal meat was eaten and the oil bottled and kept for drinking. The practice stopped when seals became scarce a...

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Odaidh ann am Bàgh Hòigearraidh., August 1968

Track ID : 46925

Horseracing in Hogharry bay. Horseracing events were held in Hogharry Bay until about 1899. Bets were placed at the races. Horseracing continued at sports days well after this.

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Bhite a' cluich iomain air Latha na Nollaig agus na Bliadhn'..., August 1968

Track ID : 46926

Shinty matches were held on Christmas and New Year Day before the contributor's time. The sticks were made on the island.

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Tha am fiosraiche ag innse mu na diofar chleasan a bhiodh ia..., August 1968

Track ID : 46927

The contributor tells about the games they played in his young days.

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Nameless, August 1968

Track ID : 47019

The contributor plays his own composition, a 2/4 march, on the Highland bagpipe. He then provides information on how he composed the tune a year previously.

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A Mhàiri Dhubh dhan Tug Mi 'n Gaol, August 1968

Track ID : 47027

This song is a love song for a girl called Mary. The contributor explains that she was a wonderful singer. She asked him why he didn't compose songs, as many of his relatives could do so. He promis...

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Feasgar Ciùin an Àm an Àitich, August 1968

Track ID : 47031

In this song the bard speaks of the places he knew in his youth and how they have changed.

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