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Grìminis na bhaile tuatha., July 1974

Track ID : 18668

Griminish as a crofting township. A few details on the evictions from Griminish. The contributor says it was the best crofting township in North Uist. Sites of houses can still be seen.

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Iain Saighdear a' toirt dùbhlan dhan bhàillidh agus a' cur s..., July 1974

Track ID : 18656

Iain Saighdear defies the factor and stops evictions in Uist. Iain Saighdear (Iain Muileach) was a veteran of the Crimea War. He drew a sword and defied the factor who was to evict him at Bayhead....

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A' gearradh Tac Thaigh a' Gheàrraidh na chroitean., July 1974

Track ID : 18705

Breaking Tigharry Tack into crofts. The story of how the factor's wife drew out the division of the Tigharry crofts on the baking board, after her husband had failed to do it.

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Fuadaichean ann an Uibhist a Tuath., July 1974

Track ID : 18613

Evictions in North Uist. The contributor's own people were evicted from Griminish and his wife's people from Àirigh Mhic Ruairidh were evicted to Horisary. Sollas people shifted to Langass, Lochep...

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Clann 'ic Cuidhein agus Clann 'ic Cuinn, July 1974

Track ID : 40019

MacQuiens and MacQueens The MacQuiens came to Uist from Skye. There were not many MacQueens. Many of the MacQuiens emigrateed. Two ministers of the surname MacQuien came over from Nova Scotia and ...

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Mar a bha dùil aca muinntir Bhaile Raghnaill agus Bhaile Mhà..., July 1974

Track ID : 18682

Plans to evict Balranald and Balmartin. The whole area from Balranald to Balmartin was to be cleared to make room for a sick relative of Balranald in Harris with whom the Uist climate agreed. But ...

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Iain Saighdear is a' bhràthair agus na h-Èireannaich ann an..., July 1974

Track ID : 40018

Iain Saighdear and his brother and the Irishmen in Glasgow Iain Saighdear and his brother went to a hostelry in Glasgow which was full of Irishmen. The Irishmen drank the drams which the brothers ...

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Mac 'ic Ailein a' toirt dùbhlan do chroitear bho Ghrìminis n..., July 1974

Track ID : 18601

Griminish crofter who could not pay his rent set a task by Clanranald. People in Griminish paid rent in grain. One crofter did not have enough grain to fill the last peck and asked the factor if h...

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Tàladh na Mnatha Sìdhe, August 1970

Track ID : 28117

This song is a fairy cradle song in which the speaker says she would wander in the night with her beloved child. Sections of the song contain vocables which belong to the piping tradition.

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Hò Gur Mise Tha gu Tinn, August 1970

Track ID : 28118

This song tells of a love affair which has gone wrong. The composer asks if religion was the cause of the break-up.

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