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A Mhic Iain Bhàin Bharraich, January 1956

Track ID : 22301

A waulking song and lament for the son of fair-haired Iain of Barra. The girl laments his death at sea and tells that she carries his child in her arms with nobody in the world to support him.

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Tha Mi Trom Chan Eil Mi Sunndach, January 1956

Track ID : 22330

A waulking song and flirting song. The girl is asking Allan if she should expect him to visit her tonight before she closes the door and snuffs the candle.

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Am Bothan a bh' aig Fionnghala, January 1956

Track ID : 22333

A ditty about a man named Fionnghala.

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Brochan Bùirn, January 1956

Track ID : 22344

A song for a child: fine porridge for the child.

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O 'S Ann a Tha Mo Ghaol-sa Thall, January 1956

Track ID : 34479

A song of unrequited love. A girl initially sings the praises of her beloved - a seafarer who is far from home - but she finds out that he has been unfaithful to her. She is saddened to see the oth...

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O 'S e Mo Rùn am Maraiche, January 1956

Track ID : 34575

A love song and sea song relating a voyage down the west coast of Scotland, from Greenock down to the Isle of Man, avoiding the Corryvreckan whirlpool and heading for Barra.

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Air Fàillirinn Ìllirinn Ochoirinn O, January 1956

Track ID : 34578

A love song which relates an incident when her beloved was press-ganged into the army. She watched while he took the money from them and drank from the bottles. She wishes she could have been by hi...

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Ged Nach Eil Mi Ach Òg 'S Beag M' Aighear ri Ceòl, January 1956

Track ID : 34581

A song describing a war in Portugal in which the composer was involved. He asks that greetings be taken to the north on his behalf.

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A' Bhanais a bha an Ciostal Odhar, January 1956

Track ID : 34586

A mouth music song about a fight at a wedding in Ciostal Odhar.

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Sa Mhìos Dheireannach dhen Fhoghar, January 1956

Track ID : 34588

A song relating the scenes in the Battle of Holland, against the French, under Abercrombie.

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