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Tàladh Dhòmhnaill Ghuirm, January 1956

Track ID : 52741

In this waulking song, a lullaby to Donald of Sleat, there is a description of the weather, with sunny, cloudless skies. Good weather is wished for the king's son when he comes. The subject of the...

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Chaidh Mi na Bheinn Hì Rì, January 1956

Track ID : 89895

The composer of this waulking song tells of climbing a mountain and seeing a big ship in the strait. The section which follows is addressed to a woman called Margaret. Her lover has been to market ...

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Alasdair Òig 'ic 'ic Neacail, 1953

Track ID : 23329

In the first section of this waulking song, a woman is addressing young Alasdair Nicolson. She wishes she could bear a son for him, perhaps even five, six or seven sons. Each would have a professio...

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Duan na Muilidheartaich agus Duan na Ceàrdaich., March 1953

Track ID : 4473

Duan na Muilidheartaich and Duan na Ceàrdaich. Mrs MacDonald gives information about Duan na Muilidheartaich and Duan na Ceàrdaich. She tells how the King of Lochlann sent the monster sea-hag call...

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Tha Mi Sgìth a' Siubhal Beinne, March 1953

Track ID : 4514

In this waulking song, a girl longs for her lover's kiss. She sees a boat in full sail approaching. Her lover, a MacLeod, will be at the helm. The next section of the song is addressed to "Young Do...

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Gu Robh Plaid aig Mòrag, 1963

Track ID : 78786

This is a vocal dance tune which is often sung or played at a faster tempo as a reel. It is about Morag's blanket which was over 25 feet in length.

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Cha Bhàs le Fuachd Fhuair Mo Dhuine-sa, 1963

Track ID : 78827

This is a short song or vocal dance tune which says "My husband did not die of cold. He had a new coat and an old coat".

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'S Mise Chunnaic An-diugh an t-Iongnadh, 1963

Track ID : 78872

The composer of this waulking song describes seeing a girl who seems to be a mermaid or seal woman, and swims away through the straits.

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Là Leathag Ò Hò, 1963

Track ID : 78873

This is a waulking-song. The lines sung here are insults about the MacLeods.

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Sheatadh Cailleach, Ruidhleadh Cailleach, c. November 1963

Track ID : 79174

This is a vocal dance tune with an interesting and unusual structure.

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