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Eilean a' Cheò, 1970

Track ID : 29688

In this song, the bardess Mary MacPherson tells of her desire to return to Skye, which she left over forty years ago, when she had to go to the mainland. She goes on to speak of the Clearances and ...

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Fuirich a Rìbhinn, 1970

Track ID : 29689

This is a love song addressed to a beautiful woman in Islay. Though he is away, the bard's thoughts are with her.

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'S e 'n Gille Dubh is Àille, 1970

Track ID : 29740

The song is composed in the form of a woman's love song to her sweetheart who is at sea. She praises his looks and manner, and hopes that he will come home safely.

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Hì Horò 's na Hòro Eile, 1970

Track ID : 29746

This song is in the form of a woman's love song, in which the subject tells how she fell in love with a handsome young man when she was young and foolish. She hopes the day will come when they will...

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Is Fhearaibh Chan E Breugan, June 1974

Track ID : 83027

Contributors : Maclean, Messag (7110)

This is a humorous song about a horse. It ate everything it could find, including some unlikely things. The bard suggests that the travellers should have it to pull their cart.

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Hòbhan Hòbhan Òran h-Ailig Thu, November 1969

Track ID : 69901

This is a short dandling song. The contributor learned it from an old woman in Portnahaven.

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Siud a' Bhanais a bha Ainmeil, November 1969

Track ID : 69903

This is a recited ballad about a wedding. The contributor states that he heard it from an old fisherman called John MacIntyre, from Portnahaven.

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Slàn le Diùra Creagach Ciar/Thèid Mi A-null gu Tìr Mo Rùin, November 1969

Track ID : 96785

The first song is a homeland song which praises Jura. The bard likes to hunt the deer in the hills. In the second song, the bard speaks of his joy at going home, and describes what he will get wh...

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Mòr an Rioma 's Gamhainn Aice, November 1969

Track ID : 96788

This is a vocal dance tune about Mòr an Rioma and what others thought she had hidden.

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Johnnie Doo, November 1969

Track ID : 96833

This is a humorous Irish song about a traveller.

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