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Haoideilean Dubh, Haoideilean Dubh, June 1956

Track ID : 71082

A vocal dance tune in the form of a conversation between a man called Haoideilean who is joining the army, and a woman called Dùdalan whom he leaves behind.

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Càit am Bi na Maraichean, June 1956

Track ID : 70665

This is a vocal dance tune which asks "Where will the seamen be when the tide is coming in"?

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Hug óireann ó, ri hùra bhó, June 1956

Track ID : 70667

This is a waulking song in the form of a woman's love song. It praises a young MacDonald.

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Horó Chaidil Mòrag, June 1956

Track ID : 70670

This is a very short cradle song.

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Leabhar Dearg na Fiosachd., 26 May 1956

Track ID : 70436

The Red Book of Divination. The Red Book of Divination was in possession of a family in Appin. It was a book of the occult, passed down from father to son. Before he could open book, the person ha...

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A Bhalachain, Cà' an Tèid Mi Leat, June 1956

Track ID : 71078

In this lullaby the composer suggests places where he can take the little boy when he is older. They include fishing with a rod, hunting for wild duck and roe deer, and going to sea in a fine boat ...

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Chuirinn Mo Bhalachan a Shiubhal nan Garbhlach, June 1956

Track ID : 71080

In this lullaby, the composer tells of his/her confidence that the little boy will be a good hunter. He will get a gun and ammunition and will hunt the fox.

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Tha Mi fo Chùram, hi iù ó éile, June 1956

Track ID : 70663

The contributor explains that this woman's love song was composed to Tormod Sgoirebreac by his sweetheart, Anna MacLean. She stayed behind, and was heartbroken, when he emigrated to Australia.

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Caidil a Mhòrag, Caidil a Mhàireag, June 1956

Track ID : 70669

This is a short lullaby. The composer states that she has plenty of cattle.

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A Mhòr, a Mhòr, Till rid Mhacan, June 1956

Track ID : 70644

This song, which was used as a cradle song, was said to have been a lament composed by a water-horse whose mortal lover had gone, taking their child with her. He is pleading with her to return.

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