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Cò Sheinneadh an Fhìdeag Airgid, 12 March 1938

Track ID : 39093

This is a waulking song containing Jacobite references in the early lines. They welcome the King's son to Scotland on a ship with silver masts. The song contains other elements. These include prai...

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Disathairne Ghabh Mi Mulad, March 1938

Track ID : 39095

This waulking song, as sung here, has three distinct sections. In the first, the composer tells of the sadness which began on Saturday, and seems to be referring to the death of a loved one. The se...

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'S Bòidheach Obair an Arain, March 1938

Track ID : 39668

All the verses of this song end with a line addressed to young John. It is composed as if he had met a fairy woman who has taken him to see various sights. The work described in the verses sung her...

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'S Olc an Obair do Theachdaire an Cadal, March 1938

Track ID : 39669

In this song, a fairy woman tells a man that messengers should not sleep. She informs him that his wife is being laid out. She had died while he was away fetching a midwife.

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Disathairne Ghabh Mi Mulad, March 1938

Track ID : 39100

This recording contains the first and second sections of a waulking song. The first tells of great sadness which began on a Saturday, and concerns the death of a loved one who is not named. The sec...

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'S Mi ri Dìreadh san Dubh-ghlaic, March 1938

Track ID : 39114

The opening lines of this waulking song refer to a violent incident, though no detail is given. The composer says that if her relations knew of what had happened they would send a ship. Among those...

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A Phiùthrag 's a Phiuthar, March 1938

Track ID : 39116

In this song a woman is making an appeal to her sister and speaks sadly of her cattle calling desperately for her when she is unable to come to them.

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'S Mise a Chunnaic An-diugh an t-Iongnadh, March 1938

Track ID : 39122

The main subject of this waulking song is a seal-woman sitting on a rock.

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Bhean ud A-staigh Bheil thu 'd Fhaireachadh?, March 1938

Track ID : 39125

In the opening lines of this waulking song, the composer addresses an unknown woman and asks if the boat can come. The other lines are addressed to beloved Ronald, and tell of the house he is to bu...

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Latha siubhal beinne dhomh, March 1938

Track ID : 39128

This is a clapping song. In it, a man tells how he met a pretty girl gathering flowers and watercress, and asked her for a kiss. She told him to go away as he was nothing but a shaggy peasant, and ...

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