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Ainmean-àite Mhuile., 26 April 1960

Track ID : 80062

Place names of Mull. A collection of place names in the vicinity of Tobermory. These include the following: Baile Sgaite; Cachaileith Ruadh; Port na Bà; An Calbh; Rubha an Rìgh; Acarsaid Mhòr; A' ...

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Ainmean-àite Mhuile., 21 April 1960

Track ID : 80027

Place names of Mull. A collection of place names in and around Knock, west of Loch Ba. These include the following: Pàirc a' Chlaidh; The Corran; Bith-bheinn; Cruachan Dearg; Coire nan Gobhar; Dìs...

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Ainmean-àite Mhuile., 20 April 1960

Track ID : 80010

Place names of Mull. A collection of place names in the environs between Tobermory and Dervaig. These include the following: Beithe Donn; Port a' Choite; Camas na Fala; Sròn Chrùb; Rèireag; Cnoc a...

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Kate of the Tree., 1957

Track ID : 106382

Kate of the Tree. A woman in Tobermory had the 'gift' and cured cattle. She was said to have had a fairy dog's tooth. She also used silver water. She had a special prayer which she used.

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Tobermory town grazings., 1957

Track ID : 106383

Tobermory town grazings. Tobermory had town grazings to the south, past Balliscate, where people kept their cattle at one time.

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Tobermory history., 1957

Track ID : 106384

Tobermory history. Tobermory was set up as a seaport by the British Fisheries Society in the early 19th century, but it never flourished as much as expected. Being on an island was a disadvantage,...

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Flax-growing in Mull., 1957

Track ID : 106385

Flax-growing in Mull. Cnoc an Lìn and other place names are associated with flax, which was grown on the island at one time. Places where it was grown can still be seen [in 1957]. People had a spe...

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A flax mill in Bun Lusragan., 1957

Track ID : 106386

A flax mill in Bun Lusragan. The contributor's grandfather, John MacFarlane, had a mill at Bun Lusragan, Connel, for dyeing and smoothing linen. John MacFarlane went to Lismore at harvest time. ...

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Preparing grain., 1957

Track ID : 106387

Preparing grain. The grain was removed by burning the sheaf, which roasted the grain at the same time. It was then winnowed.

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Deserted townships., 1957

Track ID : 106389

Deserted townships. The contributor names and describes some deserted townships in Mull.

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