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An t-Òran Aig Anna Chaimbeul, June 1953

Track ID : 1909

In this man's love song, the composer accuses the subject of being troublesome, though her wedding had been arranged. They said that she preferred the sergeant who carries the gun, rather than MacM...

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Chunna Mise Mo Leannan, June 1953

Track ID : 1911

The composer of this song says that the one she loves rides past on his grey horse, without acknowledging her. She lists the things he has done and names some of the places where they met.

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A' Cur Mo Chùl Ri Tìr nan Gall, June 1953

Track ID : 1913

The song praises the Isle of Skye and the beautiful landscape which is to be seen there. The author looks forward to returning there and turning his back on the Lowlands.

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Bhiodh bàird a' feuchainn a chèile ann an tòimhseachain. Tha..., June 1953

Track ID : 3579

Bards used to test each other's ability with words. The contributor tells a story of one such instance.

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Mar a theich Alasdair Breac nuair a chaidh a shluigeadh le m..., 24 June 1953

Track ID : 3585

How Alasdair Breac escaped after being swallowed by a whale. Alasdair Breac and his boat were swallowed by a whale while out fishing on Loch Eishort. The whale was finally stranded on the shore in...

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An trosg mòr a dh'ith an abhag., 24 June 1953

Track ID : 3588

The large cod that ate the terrier. Men were out fishing and caught a huge cod, but it got free and ate a terrier they had with them. The following year they caught another huge cod and this time ...

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Clann 'ic Neacail, na Dòmhnallaich, agus Clann 'ic Leòid., August 1955

Track ID : 9584

Nicolson, MacDonald and MacLeod clans. There were three brothers: Neacal, Dòmhnall and Leòd. Neacal built a house in Sgorra Breac, Dòmhnall went to Duntulm and Leòd went to Dùthaich MhicLeòid.

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Iomradh air litir a chaidh a sgrìobhadh gu Dòmhnall Gorm, ag..., August 1955

Track ID : 9585

Mention of a letter written to Dòmhnall Gorm, and of the twelve men of Uist.

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Bàs Dhòmhnaill Ghruamaich., August 1955

Track ID : 9587

The death of Dòmhnall Gruamach. Dòmhnall Gruamach died after drinking from a well which was poisoned by a witch.

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Ùisdean Mhogastad agus Dealachadh nan Eaglais., August 1955

Track ID : 9588

Ùisdean Mhogastad and the Disruption. Fragment about Ùisdean Mhogastad refusing a place for preaching at the time of the Disruption. The MacDonalds of Mogastad did not prosper after that.

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