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Duan an Dèididh, November 1957

Track ID : 44582

This verse curses toothache. It describes it in detail and suggests what should be done to it.

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Shift Three Points to the Starboard, November 1957

Track ID : 44600

One time whilst on board a ship, a Lewisman was telling his English shipmates of the occasion he saw an apparition or forewarning. One night, he was asked by the captain to take the wheel and steer...

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An Reusan a tha am Muir Saillte Seach an t-Uisge, c. 1958

Track ID : 46448

At Easter time, a crofter by the name of Donald went to buy some ham. After the purchase, he was travelling home when he met a fairy. The fairy wished to exchange the ham for a magic mill. The mill...

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A' Chiad Bhan-Shasannach a rinn Pòsadh an Alba, c. 1958

Track ID : 46450

When Scotland lost her independence, Lord MacDonald went on the run to England. He disguised himself as an ordinary working fellow and was employed by some nobleman for a year as a carpenter. Whils...

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Am Fear Nach Robh Naidheachd Aige, c. 1958

Track ID : 46452

Once, a Uistman was returning home and stopped at a house in Skye for the night. His host asked him if he had any stories to tell, and the Uistman replied that he had not. During the night, the Uis...

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Iain Garbh agus MacLeòid Dhùn Bheagain, c. 1958

Track ID : 46454

One day, a bully appeared at Dunvegan Castle and demanded that MacLeod pay him a certain fee if he could not find a person who was stronger than he himself. MacLeod sent for Iain Garbh, a man who n...

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Am Buachaille a bha an Gearra-Bhailteas, Nuair a Shrac an Loth a Sheacaid, c. 1958

Track ID : 46455

A song about a filly called 'The Tailor', on the occasion when he ripped the jacket of the Gearra-Bhailteas herdsman.

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Am Fear a bha a' Siubhal a' Chladaich, c. 1958

Track ID : 46457

A man from Mull was in the habit of beach-combing. One day he found a box containing a baby girl. She was taken home, and she grew up to become a beautiful woman. A certain tailor fancied her, but ...

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An t-Albannach 's an t-Èireannach, c. 1958

Track ID : 46458

At the time of the Australian gold rush, a Scotsman and an Irishman went and made a fortune. On their journey home, the Irishman fell ill in England. All the money was spent in an effort to cure hi...

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An Tuathanach agus an Cìobair Fìrinneach, c. 1958

Track ID : 46459

A certain farmer had a servant called Donald. This farmer told a neighbouring farmer by the name of Robertson that Donald never told lies. Robertson bet him £20 that he would make him lie within a ...

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