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Iasgair à Cinn t-Sàile a' lorg fiodh a dhèanadh druim ùr dhan bhàta aige., November 1957

Track ID : 44584

A fisherman from Kintail was searching for timber to make a new keel for his boat. Whilst searching the woods, he failed to locate a perfect tree and had to spend the night in the house of three ol...

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Seòras Bochanan agus an Deamhan., 1959

Track ID : 30530

George Buchanan and the Devil. Nobody could ever trick George Buchanan. Once, he was with a group who were practising the black arts. They met in a house, and the last night that they met, the Dev...

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Seòras Bochanan agus eich nan Sasannach., 1959

Track ID : 30531

George Buchanan and the Englishmen's horses. George Buchanan was at a gathering of Englishmen. He had a small white horse, which had no saddle. All the Englishmen had larger horses which were very...

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An croitear a bhàth a bhean., June 1960

Track ID : 49664

A crofter's wife refused to call him by his proper name. He finally became so angry that he drowned her in the river.

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Am madadh-ruadh, am madadh-allaidh agus an t-ìm., 19 December 1959

Track ID : 37946

The fox, the wolf and the cask of butter. A fox and a wolf found a cask of butter on the shore. They agreed to hide it until the hard times came upon them. The fox, however, went back periodically...

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Naidheachd èibhinn mu gheamair a dh'fheuch ri losgadh air ma..., 07 December 1959

Track ID : 34489

A humorous anecdote about a gamekeeper trying to shoot a fox, but hitting one of his own pigs by accident.

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Dòmhnall Dubh na Cuthaige agus an sagart., 1959

Track ID : 31318

Dòmhnall Dubh na Cuthaige and the priest. Dòmhnall Dubh na Cuthaige lived in Canna. He was rebuked by a priest for killing an old woman. The priest wanted to go to Uist but Dòmhnall prevented him,...

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Mar a fhuair am madadh-ruadh làmh-an-uachdair air a' bhrocai..., 1959

Track ID : 30526

How the fox got the better of the foxhunter. There was a foxhunter who used to hang the corpses of every fox he killed in his kitchen. He lived in an old house, in which he kept a cow. One night h...

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Mar a thug biast-dhubh an car à croitear., 1959

Track ID : 30527

How an otter tricked a crofter. There was a crofter from Loch Aoineart who came across an otter in a burn. He hit the otter, which then pretended to be dead. He grabbed its tail and put it over hi...

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Bha aig bean Fhinn ri taghadh cò na daoine bhiodh rin cur fa..., January 1960

Track ID : 45446

Fionn's wife had to choose which men to throw overboard; otherwise they would all be drowned. Fionn, his wife and father-in-law, Dubhan, were out in a boat. There were thirty men on board with the...

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