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Tuathanach a' tabhann do Dhòmhnall Èireannach, a chuir roimh..., 03 January 1954

Track ID : 13365

Donald, who had decided to leave his job and return home, was offered his wages or three counsels. Donald left Gerinish to look for work. A farmer near Glasgow gave him a job. After three years, D...

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Tha (?) air a Shàrachadh, 23 March 1953

Track ID : 75261

A short humorous song like a vocal dance tune in style.

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Iain Mac 'ic Fhionghain, 27 March 1951

Track ID : 49404

This is a satirical song about a man called John MacKinnon. He was a very clumsy dancer but is described here as multi-talented.

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Calum agus Seònaid, 22 November 1949

Track ID : 20717

A humorous story about an old couple who tricked their landlord. Calum and Seònaid were poor and had no family. Calum went to see the landlord and told him that Seònaid had died. The landlord took ...

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Am Prionnsa, an Sagart agus an t-Amadan, 22 November 1949

Track ID : 20721

A story about a prince who put three questions to a priest. The prince thought that there was nobody as knowledgeable as he was. There was a priest in the district who had a brother who looked very...

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Am Muillear agus am Balbhan, 22 November 1949

Track ID : 20527

A story about a bet between a Scottish drover and an English one. The English drover said that he knew of a dumb man who could outwit any Scottish schoolmaster. The Scottish drover rose to the chal...

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An Tàillear agus a Bhean, 22 November 1949

Track ID : 20687

A story about a couple who did not want to go to the well. They came to an agreement that the first person to speak would have to go. Someone came in and eventually one of them spoke.

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Mar a Fhuair Lachlann Bàn a Bhean, 22 November 1949

Track ID : 20694

A story about an orphan, Lachlann Bàn. He lost all his horses bar one. The smith said that Duncan's grey mare would suit him fine. Lachlann agreed to this, and so the smith went to inform Duncan. T...

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Am Muileach a chaidh a Ghlaschu, 22 November 1949

Track ID : 20720

A couple from Mull went to visit their family in Glasgow, and they planned to return home with goods such as tea and sugar. The husband saw a sign in a shop window on which was written, 'Tea for tw...

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