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Ainmean-àite Sgalpaigh., 29 March 1965

Track ID : 83625

Place names of Scalpay. A collection of place names from Scalpay and its offshore islands. These include the following: Rubha nam Bàtaichean; Camas nan Còig Feannag; An Fhaing; Mol Anna; Ràiream; ...

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Chunnaic Mise Bruadar a dh'Fhàg Suaimhneach A-raoir Mi, February 1971

Track ID : 101043

A man tells of dreaming that the girl he loved was lying beside him. When he turned to her he realised she was not there. She had married someone else.

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Òran a' Flù, 16 April 1971

Track ID : 23892

The contributor describes how he felt as a result of the dose of flu which he got at the New Year. He got treatment from the doctor, but it did not help. Others in the community suffered badly when...

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Còmhradh air mar a thàinig an teaghlach Coineagan dha na Hea..., 16 April 1971

Track ID : 23902

Discussion on the origins of the Cunninghams in Harris.

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Dà Thàbh, 25 February 1984

Track ID : 74533

A song about fishing nets down at the weir.

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Thusa a' Ghaoth a Tha a' Dol gu Tuath, 27 February 1984

Track ID : 74974

Contributors : MacInnes, Alasdair (7473)

A man's love song to his beloved wife. He recollects the times they had together. The contributor heard the song from Alex MacLeod from Shader in Barvas, Lewis.

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Nuair a Thòisich Mi ri Cìobaireachd, 27 February 1984

Track ID : 74993

Contributors : MacInnes, Alasdair (7473)

A humorous song about a shepherding job which the composer had at Orbost. He didn't have any previous experience.

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Salm 57, 1964

Track ID : 72661

Flora Cunningham precents Psalm 57, verse 1 to the tune Moravia.

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Salm 72, 1964

Track ID : 72663

Flora Cunningham precents Psalm 72, verses 18-19 to the tune Stornoway.

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Salm 103, 1964

Track ID : 72665

Flora Cunningham precents Psalm 103, verses 1-3 to the tune Dundee.

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