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Prògram Choinnich, 14 May 1997, 14 May 1997

Track ID : 9568

An account of the roots of the early Celtic Church in Scotland. Fr Calum MacNeil tells how the early Celtic church spread and developed in Scotland in the early days of Dalriada, around the time o...

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Prògram Choinnich, 19 March 1997, 19 March 1997

Track ID : 6178

Cardinal Winning to be Papal Legate at events commemorating the 1,400th anniversary of St Columba's death. Fr Calum MacNeil explains the term 'Legate' and talks about how fitting it is that Cardin...

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Prògram Choinnich, 12 September 1995, 12 September 1995

Track ID : 6724

Veneration of relics in the Catholic Church. Fr Calum MacNeil discusses veneration of relics in the Catholic Church. There are three divisions: things like teeth or other physical remains of saint...

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Prògram Choinnich, 20 August 1998, 20 August 1998

Track ID : 27563

Fr Calum MacNeil talks about the church that featured in 'Local Hero.' The church which featured in 'Local Hero', which is in Poll Nis, is now on the market for 50,000 pounds. Poll Nis is between ...

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Prògram Choinnich, 19 August 1997, 19 August 1997

Track ID : 19444

Fr Calum MacNeill tells the story of the Glenfinnan monument, which has started to list to one side.

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Prògram Choinnich, 15 June 1995, 15 June 1995

Track ID : 3710

A new window for Glenfinnan church. Fr Calum MacNeil, who is familiar with Glenfinnan church, talks about a new church window which commemorates 250 years since Bonnie Prince Charlie came ashore i...

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Prògram Choinnich, 16 May 2000, 16 May 2000

Track ID : 17121

Fr Calum MacNeil tells the story of the three secrets of Fatima. Fr Calum MacNeil discusses the history of the three secrets of Fatima, which were given to three Portuguese children in 1917. One o...

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Dèanamaid Adhradh, 23 November 1997

Track ID : 22726

00:00:20 - Prayer 00:00:57 - Columba's Hymn, recorded in Northbay, Barra. 00:03:32 - Reading - Matthew 25:31-46 00:06:47 - Sermon based on the reading, about Christ as judge. 00:10:28 - Prayer ...

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Dealan-dè, 10 July 1991, 12 July 1991

Track ID : 97749

Fr Calum MacNeil discusses how he encouraged football and Highland dancing in South Uist in the 1950s.

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Prògram Choinnich, 12 September 2000, 12 September 2000

Track ID : 23214

Lack of young ministers and priests in the churches. Rev. Roderick MacKinnon, Rev. Kenneth MacLeod and Fr Calum MacNeil discuss the difficulties churches have when there aren't enough young minist...

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