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Crò Chinn Tàile, 1953

Track ID : 3590

A fragment of a song relating to the Cattlefold of Kintail. The poet is looking forward to arriving in his homeland tomorrow.

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Cha Bhi Mi Buan 's Tu Bhith Bhuam, 1953

Track ID : 3660

A woman's love song. She will not survive if she is parted from her beloved, whom she has loved since she was young. She sits on the hillock, looking over the narrows seeing his boat passing.

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Nuair a chunnacas dreag., 18 December 1959

Track ID : 38615

When a 'dreag' was seen. The contributor saw a 'dreag' [a light in the sky] whilst on board a ship during the war. He had sailed from Glasgow, and saw it when they were near Belfast. A sighting is...

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Tòimhseachan: , 26 September 1958

Track ID : 39232

Riddle: Chì mi, chì mi fada bhuam, Trì mìle thar a' chuain, Rud gun riochd, gun fheòil gun anam, A' dannsa air an talamh chruaidh. Answer: Clachan-meallain.

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Bloigh de thòimhseachan mu dheigh:, 26 September 1958

Track ID : 39234

Riddle fragment regarding ice: Thig mi a-null air an drochaid ghlainne 'S thig mi a-nall air an drochaid ghlainne.

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Tuireadh, dramaichean, gleac agus cleachdaidhean eile aig ti..., 26 September 1958

Track ID : 39293

Keening, drinking, fighting and other funeral customs. Keening women were paid. They recited a special verse. The funeral cortège had a drink before leaving the house and whenever they stopped alo...

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Tòimhseachan: Choimhead mi a-mach air uinneag mo mhàthar, ch..., September 1958

Track ID : 39715

Riddle: I looked through my mother's window, I saw the dead carrying the living.

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Sgeulachd mu fhear a theich ro Mhort Ghleanna Comhan., c. September 1958

Track ID : 39797

A story about a man who escaped before the Massacre of Glencoe. Information about a place in Glencoe where the ruins of a house can be seen. The man who lived in that house received a warning abou...

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Remarks by reporter Calum MacLean on his first day in Balquh..., 03 October 1958

Track ID : 36036

Remarks by interviewer Calum MacLean on his first day in Balquhidder (4/9/58).

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Seanfhacal:, 11 October 1958

Track ID : 36105

Proverb: Is miann le breac a bhith an sruth cas, Is miann le boc a bhith an doire dlùth, Is miann le eilid a bhith am beinn àrd, Is miann le seagair falbh le cù.

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