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Crò Chinn Tàile, 1953

Track ID : 3590

A fragment of a song relating to the Cattlefold of Kintail. The poet is looking forward to arriving in his homeland tomorrow.

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Seanfhacal: "Fuarag eòrna à sàil mo bhròig; am biadh a b' fh..., May 1953

Track ID : 5991

A proverb about brose eaten from a shoe. "Fuarag eòrna à sàil mo bhròig; am biadh a b' fheàrr a fhuair mi a-riamh." [Brose made from barley, eaten from my shoe; the best meal I ever had.]

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Cha Bhi Mi Buan 's Tu Bhith Bhuam, 1953

Track ID : 3660

A woman's love song. She will not survive if she is parted from her beloved, whom she has loved since she was young. She sits on the hillock, looking over the narrows seeing his boat passing.

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Mo Robairneach Gaolach, 1953

Track ID : 7468

In this woman's love song, the composer watches her beloved coming round the headland in his galley. The song contains interesting references to his weaponry.

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Cha loisg muinntir Bhaile a' Chaolais air ròn air eagal 's g..., 29 September 1958

Track ID : 39541

Ballachulish folk won't shoot seals in case they are related to them.

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Tòimhseachan: Choimhead mi a-mach air uinneag mo mhàthar, ch..., September 1958

Track ID : 39715

Riddle: I looked through my mother's window, I saw the dead carrying the living.

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Remarks by reporter Calum MacLean on his first day in Balquh..., 03 October 1958

Track ID : 36036

Remarks by interviewer Calum MacLean on his first day in Balquhidder (4/9/58).

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As I Roved Out One May Morning, 1955

Track ID : 84966

A love song in which a girl seduces a young soldier.

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Gheibh Sinn Riobanan Mòra, Mòra/Chunnaic Mi san Dùn Thu/Is Brèagha na Taighean Sglèat, 1955

Track ID : 84969

Three mouth music songs: Ewen's return from the market with ribbons is eagerly anticipated. A person is told that they were seen in the castle with the chief of Clan MacLeod. The slate clad hous...

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An Gaol a Chunnaic Mi An-diugh, 1955

Track ID : 84979

In this song a man reflects on his sweetheart from Berneray who has forsaken him. He reads the love-letters she sent to him.

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