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Hothan agus hothan ò, February 1957

Track ID : 85120

Fieldworkers : Ross, James (406)

A lullaby telling how the cattle perished during the winter.

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A Fhleasgaich Òig as Ceanalta, May 1954

Track ID : 19110

Fieldworkers : Ross, James (406)

This is a woman's love song in which the composer says she will leave her family and follow the man she loves. He is named as Alastair MacDonald, and described as a hunter and skipper.

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Cò Leis Tha 'n Crodh Druimfhionn Ud Thall?, June 1954

Track ID : 20157

Fieldworkers : Ross, James (406)

This short lullaby in the pibroch song tradition asks "Whose are those white-backed cattle yonder?".

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O Mo Dhùthaich 's Tu th' air m' Aire, November 1963

Track ID : 32099

In this song an emigrant thinks of Uist. He tells why he is deeply unhappy in Manitoba. He would gladly return home if he could.

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A Cholla Mo Rùin, November 1963

Track ID : 32103

In this fragment of a pibroch song the singer warns Colla to avoid the fort.

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Màiri Dhonn Bhòidheach Dhonn, November 1963

Track ID : 32136

This is a sailing song in which the bard praises his boat called 'Màiri Dhonn'. It cuts its way speedily through the waves. The contributor remarks that this is not all of the song.

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Tha 'n Crodh-laoigh air Aodann Corrabheinn, November 1963

Track ID : 32139

This is a pibroch song which tells of the cattle on Corrabheinn.

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Soraidh Leis a' Mhaighdinn a tha gun Ghruaim, November 1963

Track ID : 32141

This is a man's love song in which the composer expresses a fear that the joiner will steal the girl he loves. He sends greetings to her in Morvern.

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Ìri iù horò Leannain, November 1963

Track ID : 32166

This is a love song in which the composer expresses a fear that the girl he loves will marry someone else. He tells her the type of man she should avoid, should she choose someone other than him.

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A Sheana-bhean Bhochd, June 1954

Track ID : 85838

Fieldworkers : Ross, James (406)

A cradle song/lullaby. A poor old woman is invited to stay, as it's dark outside.

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