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Teann A-nall Ailean Thugam, 08 August 1956

Track ID : 25276

A humorous mouth music song teasing a boy named Allan.

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Is Tìm Dhomh a Bhith a' Falbh, 02 March 1950

Track ID : 48450

This waulking song has two sections. In the first, the composer speaks of going to visit her foster-mother. She will not be given menial tasks by her, but will be treated with respect. In the secon...

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Unknown, 18 July 1956

Track ID : 23217

The diddling of an old 2/4 pipe march, the name of which is not known.

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Mi Fhìn agus Tu Fhèin, Thu Fhèin, 08 August 1956

Track ID : 25274

A humorous ditty about a man's decision on whom he was going to wed, but when he returned from his voyage there was no sign of her.

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An Robh Thu sa Bheinn?, 02 March 1950

Track ID : 48452

At the beginning of this waulking song the composer asks someone about her missing cattle. In the section which follows a woman describes the nobleman she loves. He is a hunter. He passed yesterday...

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Caolas Eadar Mi 's Mo Luaidh, 20 July 1956

Track ID : 19310

A humorous ditty about her beloved who is a fisherman; many humorous verses about his work on the boat.

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Cha Tèid Mi Do Chille Mhoire, 20 July 1956

Track ID : 19266

She will not go to Kilmuir and will not meet with Murdo. She praises him for his blue eyes and says she would go with him through the three glens.

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An Turadh a-muigh, 20 July 1956

Track ID : 19299

A waulking song with a description of the grey, wet weather, the hunter's gun, and the hunter being buried under the ground where she will see him no more.

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Rò Holl Ileò Ro Holl Ileò, 17 July 1956

Track ID : 26025

A fragment of a waulking song. He is not scared of being hung, imprisoned or having his ear cut off.

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Clò nan Gillean, 17 July 1956

Track ID : 26027

In this waulking song, a woman wakes early in the morning and climbs up to the side of the glen to look for the boat which had sailed over a week ago. Her husband was aboard, as was her father and ...

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