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Fionn anns na Hearadh., 1977

Track ID : 66738

Fionn in Harris Finsbay is named after Fionn. The marks of Fionn's kettles and kilns can be seen in Seilebost. He had a saying concerning his dogs: "Blood shows up on a white dog, a black dog show...

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Tiodhlacadh na seann bhliadhna anns na Hearadh., 1977

Track ID : 66725

Burying the old year in Harris. Before the gospel came to Harris, people "buried the old year" by burying a lump of cheese, a bottle of whisky and a barley bannock in a hill above the village. On ...

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Beathach neònach: an Gnòthan Buidhe., 1977

Track ID : 66727

A strange beast: the Gnòthan Buidhe. A strange beast, the Gnòthan Buidhe, which lived in a hill in Harris could talk. It used to kill lambs. An old man who lived in the village killed the Gnòthan ...

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Biast Loch Uladail anns na Hearadh., 1977

Track ID : 66732

The Beast of Loch Uladail in Harris. A man was going out to work on the road at the break of day when he saw a big black beast at the edge of Loch Uladail. He got a fright and turned back. When he...

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Am marcaiche agus a' cheirsle shnàtha., 1977

Track ID : 66734

The horseman and the ball of wool. A horseman was on his way home from fishing. He had fish on a string. He met a ball of wool. The ball of wool asked to get on to the horse. The horseman refused....

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Iomradh air nighean aig luadhadh a' fighe stocainnean dhan d..., 1977

Track ID : 73145

A brief account of a bride-to-be knitting socks at a waulking for her groom.

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Fàilte Dhut Deagh Shlàinte Leat, 1977

Track ID : 73148

A man's love song. A girl has emigrated to Canada and the poet is determined to follow her.

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Tha Latha An-diugh, 1977

Track ID : 73155

In this waulking song a girl considers joining the waulking group in the big house.

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Dh'Èirich Mise Moch ro Latha, 1977

Track ID : 73042

In this waulking song a girl advises other girls to make up to three lads in order to ensure that she would have at least one.

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Ruairidh Beag 's Eòghann, 1977

Track ID : 73049

A verse recited from one of the songs of the Cluer Bard. It mentions Ruairidh, Eòghann and Donald MacLeod.

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