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The idea of being a Gaelic bard., 05 April 1968

Track ID : 18868

The idea of being a Gaelic bard. Calum Ruadh Nicolson from Braes in Skye is answering questions put by the interviewer about his composing. Detailed information. People's attitudes to other bards ...

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The art of composing Gaelic songs., 05 April 1968

Track ID : 18871

The art of composing Gaelic songs. Information on how the contributor composes a song. He gives detailed information on the composition of 'Òran an t-Sìthiche' and 'Òran Chùil Lodair'. He also rec...

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Òran an t-Sìthiche, 05 April 1968

Track ID : 18872

A fairy song composed by the contributor. He describes how he heard the fairy woman knocking on the window one night when he was asleep. He sat up on his elbow in bed, watching her. He describes he...

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How the contributor composes songs., 22 May 1968

Track ID : 18943

How the contributor composes songs. The contributor tells of his mother's attitude towards his compositions; she composed songs herself. He thinks little of modern Gaelic songs. He gives informati...

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Fhuair Sinn Buille Chràiteach, 22 May 1968

Track ID : 18944

A war song about the sinking of the 'Hood' by the German warship Bismarck during the Second World War. Information about where she was built and the material used; that she was hit in the magazine ...

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The subject of sorrow in song composition., 22 May 1968

Track ID : 18946

The subject of sorrow in song composition. The contributor says there are plenty of subjects to make songs about. He doesn't like to see sorrow, but he composes well when in a melancholy mood. His...

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Mise an seo na mo Chrùban, 22 May 1968

Track ID : 18948

A fragment of a Jacobite song composed by Duncan Bàn MacIntyre, describing some of the scenes of the Battle of Falkirk.

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The contributor's personal songs., 23 May 1968

Track ID : 19036

The contributor's personal songs. The contributor has composed many songs from personal experience, but considers them private. He will not record them or sing them in public. He states that "nobo...

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Thàinig Claidheamh Ceartais, 23 May 1968

Track ID : 19037

A song against the Nuremberg Trials; expressing the composer's feelings about people being hung for obeying orders from those in command. Preceded by his views on war and reason for composing this...

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Gàir nan Tonn gur Trom an Nuallan, 25 May 1968

Track ID : 19066

A song giving a description of Tìr nan Òg [the land of the ever young] followed by two verses in English about the Isle of Skye. The contributor tells of another occasion when he sang it in an En...

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