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Ainmean-àite Shlèite, an t-Eilean Sgitheanach., 16 June 1969

Track ID : 87655

Place names of Sleat, Skye. A collection of place names in the vicinity of Camuscross, Sleat. These include the following: Barabhaig; Rubha an Tuirc; Rubha na Ceàrdaich; Port Iain Robasdain; Sgeir...

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Cleachdaidhean tiodhlacaidh, croitearachd, iasgach, agus nit..., 16 June 1969

Track ID : 87659

Funeral customs, crofting, fishing, and supernatural beings. Information on the following subjects: funeral customs (including the consumption of whisky, biscuits and cheese); crofting (cattle and...

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Òran Taigh-òsta Eilean Iarmain, 19 September 1973

Track ID : 67416

A song about a well-known local inn in Skye.

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Òran nan Decimals, 19 September 1973

Track ID : 65933

A humorous and satirical song.

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Òran na Droch Shìde, 19 September 1973

Track ID : 65866

A song composed by the contributor about bad weather.

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Iomradh air mar a bha na taighean uaireigin., 19 September 1973

Track ID : 68619

Some information on the houses of earlier times. The hearth would have stones around it. There was a house with the fire in the middle of the floor. If there was a big gathering, people would shif...

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Beagan eachdraidh., 19 September 1973

Track ID : 68597

Some historical information. The contributor was born in 1887 in the same house as he is in now [1973]. It was a white house; one of the first ones. His father married in 1884 and built the house....

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Mar a rinn leth-chiallach MhicLeòid a' chùis air an robair., 19 September 1973

Track ID : 68599

How MacLeod's fool outwitted the robber. In the 16th century, MacLeod, the chief of Dunvegan, kept a fool as a servant. He had money to be collected from Inverness and the fool volunteered to get ...

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Mar a thachair Sgitheanach ri sgiobair Gàidhealach a' tillea..., 19 September 1973

Track ID : 68615

How a Skye man met with a Gaelic-speaking skipper coming back from Australia. The contributor had been sailing on the Australian coast and was working his way home on a four-masted, full-rigged sh...

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Tha am fiosraiche a' bruidhinn air a' bhàrdachd agus air a'..., 19 September 1973

Track ID : 68829

The contributor comments on his poetry and his life. The contributor says that he is not a poet. He started composing songs when he came home to Skye. He used to think of some things when he was a...

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