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Fhir an Leadain Thlàith, 1966

Track ID : 63567

In this song the bard tells a young man that he made her sad. She says that he took her from her own people. She fell in love with him at the beginning of winter. At the end of the song she praises...

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An t-Òg Uasal, 1966

Track ID : 63568

This is a love song which praises the young laird of Lochbuie in Mull. His skill as a hunter is described.

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Fhir a Dhìreas am Bealach, 1970

Track ID : 47493

A love song in which a woman describes the man with whom she is in love. He has left her for a wealthier woman, but she will not believe it until he denies her in person.

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Muile nam Fuar-bheann Mòra, 1970

Track ID : 47494

A homeland song. Though the poet is far from Mull, the island on which he was raised, he will never forget it. He hopes to return one day.

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Siud Mar a Chuir Mi an Geamhradh Tharam, 1970

Track ID : 47501

A love song in which a woman is lamenting her true love, saying that she spent the winter thinking of him. He visited her house on many nights through the winter, but she advises other women to sta...

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Riut a Roinninn mo Leabaidh, October 1962

Track ID : 71334

In this song the bard lists many things he would share with the one he loved. He would give her cattle and everything he ever had.

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'n Oidhche Bha Mi sa Ghleann, October 1962

Track ID : 71339

The bard says that she has not seen anyone like the subject of the song whilst she was in the glen. She says that her beloved is the son of the man from the village. Her beloved has sheep and cattl...

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Is e Mo Ghràdh na Gamhna Geala, 1961

Track ID : 63720

These lines come from a long waulking song with four sections. The first three lines sung here belong to the second section of the original song, and refer to the composer's love for the white stir...

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Prògram Choinnich, 10 April 1995, 10 April 1995

Track ID : 2797

Margaret MacLeod's memories of the Pan Celtic Festival. Margaret MacLeod's memories of the Pan Celtic Festival, which she won with na h-Òganaich in 1972 and with Albany in 1979. Funny story about ...

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He Mo Leannan Ho Mo Leannan, June 1975

Track ID : 85907

Margaret MacLeod tells of how busy her band, Na h-Òganaich, has been, and will be in the months to come. They travel the world, performing. She also sings a waulking song.

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