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Seann sgeulachd mu dheidhinn mac rìgh., 27 August 1969

Track ID : 103891

An old tale about a king's son. An old tale about a king's son who sets out to seek and to marry a beautiful maiden. After a hunting expedition, he meets a number of unusual and magical creatures ...

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Rud a dh'èirich dhan neach-clàraidh 's e air chèilidh air sg..., 27 August 1969

Track ID : 103893

A personal experience whilst visiting a renowned storyteller. This is an account of a personal experience which the recorder had whilst visiting a renowned storyteller by the name of Fearchar Bàn ...

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Tha am fiosraiche ag innse mar a thachair e ri caraid dha 's..., 27 August 1969

Track ID : 103894

The contributor recalls a conversation he had when he met an old friend in a bar. This story was published in 'Gairm' 37, autumn 1961.

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Tha am fiosraiche a' leughadh a' phìos bàrdachd a choisinn a..., 19 February 1969

Track ID : 103926

The contributor reads the poem which won second prize at the National Mòd in Perth, 1954.

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Bàrdachd à Beàrnaraigh., 19 February 1969

Track ID : 103927

Poems and songs from Berneray. The contributor recites his own poetry. A number of poems and songs are given, including a piece he composed during winter after returning home from the navy in 1946...

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Rannan à Beàrnaraigh., 26 August 1969

Track ID : 103931

Poetry and verse from Berneray. The contributor recites a number of his own compositions. Amongst a variety of topics, he deals with love, death, nature and drink. Titles include 'Bàs Eachainn - A...

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Gnìomhairean., 22 May 1980

Track ID : 97969

Gaelic verbs. The contributor reads a list of different verbs in different forms. Some nouns and place-names appear near the end.

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'S o dh'fhalbh sinn Dihaoine, September 1975

Track ID : 1576

This song was composed by the contributor after attending a wedding in Lewis.

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An Tèid Thu Leam a Mhàiri, September 1975

Track ID : 1600

This is a love song asking a girl if she will come and join the bard. The girl does not accept the invitation.

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The Barnyards of Delgaty, September 1975

Track ID : 1630

'The Barnyards of Delgaty' played on the mouth organ.

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