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Naidheachd èibhinn mu thàillear., c. July 1960

Track ID : 54031

An anecdote about a tailor. There was a man who made suits in winter and went round selling them in Little Loch Broom. One wet night an old woman invited him to stay. "That depends which way the d...

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Naidheachd mu Iain an tàillear 's a bhean., c. July 1960

Track ID : 54032

An anecdote about Iain the tailor and his wife. Iain the tailor and his wife were always arguing. He was illegitimate and she would torment him by asking him where he came from. He would reply tha...

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Fiosrachadh mu phàrantan Iain, an tàillear., c. July 1960

Track ID : 54033

Information about Iain the tailor's parents. Iain the tailor died about 50 years ago [said in 1960], aged at least 90. He was born in Coigach. His father came to Coigach as a tramp. An old man inv...

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Mar a thàinig na Cearraich dhan Stòr., c. July 1960

Track ID : 54034

The origin of the Kerrs of Stoer. A man named Kerr came ashore in Reiff, Coigach. He stayed in a house and assaulted his hosts' daughter. They marooned him on an island known as Eilean a' Chearr. ...

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Mharbh Eanraig Geal-shùileach Britheamh Leòdhais., c. July 1960

Track ID : 54035

Eanraig Geal-shùileach killed Britheamh Leòdhais. Britheamh Leòdhais treated the people badly. Eanraig Geal-shùileach in Stoer heard of this and sailed over with a crew. He killed the man and behe...

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Bhuineadh a' Chòigeach dha Torcuil Dubh. Bha Ceann an t-Sàil..., c. July 1960

Track ID : 54068

Coigach belonged to Torcuil Dubh. He also owned Kintail. The contributor tells how he got his lands.

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Mar a thòisich daoine a' dèanamh rudan à staoin agus adharc...., c. July 1960

Track ID : 54069

Making objects from tin and horn to earn a living. When the Cheviot sheep first came to the area the people were pushed towards the shore. They began to make objects from tin and horn to earn a li...

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Fiosrachadh mu fheadhainn a chunnaic a' bhean-nighe., c. July 1960

Track ID : 54102

Information about sightings of the fairy washer-woman. The bean-nighe was a fairy woman. She would be seen washing clothes. A man named Seumas MacDonald saw her one night after the First World War...

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Fiosrachadh mu mhaighdeann-mhara agus creutairean mara eile...., c. July 1960

Track ID : 54105

Information about mermaids and other sea creatures. A mermaid came ashore at Loch Clash and was captured. Another one was caught in Benbecula. A boy killed it and it was buried on land. There is a...

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Rudan a th' air an cluinntinn ro bhàs., c. July 1960

Track ID : 54124

Sounds heard before a death. A certain bird whistling loudly before dawn is an omen of death. Dogs often howl for no reason before a death.

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