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Unknown/The Road to the Isles, 1977

Track ID : 79955

In Stanley Robertson's family each child used to have a particular tune associated with him or her. He diddles the fiddle tune that he used to sing his daughter Nicole to sleep with; then, in a dif...

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Banjo Breakdown, 1977

Track ID : 79961

Kim Chambers mentions Tom Anderson's use of diddling in teaching fiddle bowing. Stanley Robertson has also used it to teach tunes. He diddles the jig 'Banjo Breakdown'.

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The Hills of Perth, 1977

Track ID : 79962

The 4/4 pipe march 'The Hills of Perth' diddled then played on the practice chanter. Stanley Robertson comments that diddling places more strain on the voice than singing, because the singer can on...

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Clyde's Water, 1977

Track ID : 79963

Willie rode across the Clyde to see Maggie. She refused to let him in, saying there were gentlemen in her bower. Returning over the Clyde, he was unhorsed. His brother urged him to swim, but he had...

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Surprise at someone else singing a rare song., 1977

Track ID : 89755

Surprise at someone else singing a rare song. Stanley Robertson remarks that he heard the song 'Moorlove Maggie' on the radio being sung by the folk singer Alastair MacDonald. He was very surprise...

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Mrs MacDonald of Dunach/The Bonny Lass of Bon Accord/Mrs MacLeod of Raasay/Brochan Lom/The Dashing White Sergeant, 1977

Track ID : 79954

The tune 'Mrs MacDonald of Dunach' played on the practice chanter then as mouth-music (canntaireachd). Stanley Robertson explains the relationship between the two. He demonstrates the difference be...

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The Laird o Drum, 1977

Track ID : 89756

In this ballad, the Laird of Drum encounters a young woman shearing [reaping] in a field, and asks her father's permission to marry her. The Laird takes the girl to his castle, where his brother Jo...

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Moorlove Maggie, 27 April 1973

Track ID : 33410

In this courtship song, a young man promises wealth if Maggie will go with him, but nothing he offers can win her consent. Stanley Robertson learned the song from Maggie Stewart.

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Connor O' Katie, 27 April 1973

Track ID : 33412

This nonsense song describes a colourful woman named Katie. She was once badly savaged by a dog, but the dog died instead. She is now in prison, from where she writes to the singer, proposing marri...

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The Hills of Perth, 1977

Track ID : 79956

A fragment of a 4/4 pipe march diddled.

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