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The Inverness Gathering/Unknown/Unknown, 1964

Track ID : 80452

This is the march 'The Inverness Gathering' played on the fiddle, followed by a strathspey and a reel.

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Teann A-nall Ailean Thugam, 08 August 1956

Track ID : 25276

A humorous mouth music song teasing a boy named Allan.

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An Dìnnear Thug Sir William Dhuinn, June 1955

Track ID : 17058

This song describes a dinner in a stately home.

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Airson na Tìm a Bh' Ann o Shean, June 1955

Track ID : 19704

This song is a toast to the people who have emigrated.

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Unknown, 18 July 1956

Track ID : 23217

The diddling of an old 2/4 pipe march, the name of which is not known.

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A-mach à Loch an Dùin gun do Sheinn i an Dùdach Bhòidheach, 18 June 1957

Track ID : 109599

A sailor's song describing a voyage.

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A Mhàldag a' Bhroillich Ghil, July 1953

Track ID : 1902

A song in which a man greatly praises his sweetheart. He tells that it was at the head of Loch Leven that he parted from her, and that his mind will not be at rest until he hears of how she is.

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Ò hè horò Mo Chailin, June 1955

Track ID : 15590

This waulking song is in the form of a man's love song.

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Chan Òl Mi Deur Tuilleadh, June 1955

Track ID : 15608

In this song the poet tells of the silly things he did while under the influence of drink, and he vows never to get drunk again.

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Mo Nighean Donn Nam Meall-shùilean, June 1955

Track ID : 15517

The man who composed this love song would take the girl he loves, even if she had no dowry. He is aware, however, that a woman's love can be unpredictable.

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