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Naidheachd èibhinn mu fhear a thuirt gun robh ainm Chlann 'I..., 1972

Track ID : 53427

A humorous anecdote about the name MacLean. A certain fellow said that some MacLean names sounded like a dog drinking soup: 'Eachann, Lachann, Eachann, Lachann'.

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Manadh bàis an Diùra., 22 July 1971

Track ID : 27012

A death omen in Jura. The white horse of Eonachan a' Chinn Bhig was often seen before the death of a MacLean.

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Tha ainmean-àite an Diùra a tha a' comharrachadh far an robh..., 22 July 1971

Track ID : 27022

There are place names in Jura which refer to stills.

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Cunntas air briuthas ann an Diùra., 22 July 1971

Track ID : 27023

A description of a briuthas [still] in Jura.

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Fiosrachadh air àth an Diùra airson coirce a thiormachadh., 22 July 1971

Track ID : 27024

Information on a kiln in Jura, used for drying oats.

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Tìoradh an arbhair ann an Diùra., 22 July 1971

Track ID : 27026

Corn processing in Jura. A description of corn processing, flailing and winnowing.

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Bhite a' toirt garlic dhan chrodh mar leigheas., 1972

Track ID : 26807

Garlic was given to cattle as a cure.

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Sìthiche a' dol a-steach do thaighean., 1972

Track ID : 26731

A fairy entering houses. A fairy used to come into houses when the occupants went to bed and warmed herself by the fire. They made a coat for her and she was never seen again.

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Bana-bhuidseach mar mhaigheach., 1972

Track ID : 26778

A witch as a hare. The skipper of a boat saw a hare coming to the shore every day. He wanted to shoot it, but a man advised him to put a sixpence in his gun. When he did this, the hare turned into...

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Nuair a bhathar a' bleith a' ghràin, cha robh maith na mine..., 22 July 1971

Track ID : 25622

When grinding grain, the quality of the meal was not dependent on the size of grain.

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