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Mar a chaidh an Tuairisgeul Mòr a chur gu bàs., 1953

Track ID : 3085

How the Tuairisgeul Mòr met his death. The King of Ireland had built a castle while his son was away at school. The son came home, played cards, won at first then lost and had to find out how the ...

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Am bonnach agus an sionnach., July 1955

Track ID : 30162

The bannock and the fox. Since nobody wished to flip the bannock over on the stove, it decided to jump up and run out. The fox gave it a ride across the river, but before reaching the far side the...

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Ridire nan Spleadh agus farpais nam breug., July 1955

Track ID : 30166

Ridire nan Spleadh and the tale-telling competition. Ridire nan Spleadh was a widow's son. Some local men were trying to entertain the king with tall tales; if these were not fantastic enough, the...

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Fear a' chòta liath., July 1955

Track ID : 30168

The man with the grey coat. A poor man was given a grey coat. He was told that every time he put his hand in the pocket, he would find a sixpence. The minister told him that he should put the mone...

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Mac Rùsgail., July 1955

Track ID : 30169

Mac Rùsgail. There was a fellow called Mac Rùsgail who punched his master one day. His master asked him if he could make a causeway out of sheep's legs. This he did. Six giants appeared and went i...

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Ruith mun Cuairt Feadh an Taighe, July 1955

Track ID : 30171

A fragment of a eulogy to Sir Donald MacDonald of Sleat.

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Eòghann agus bean an tuathanaich., July 1955

Track ID : 30172

Eòghann and the farmer's wife. A farmer hired a lad called Eòghann to be his farm-hand. Eòghann noticed that every time his master was away, his wife would be flirting with various locals, the fir...

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An tuathanach agus an dithis sheirbheiseach., July 1955

Track ID : 30175

The farmer and his two servants. There was a farmer who gave his two servants a choice: to take their pay, or to take three pieces of advice. One chose his pay, while the other took the advice.

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Bha aig mac Bhobain Shaoir ri dà chaora a reic airson leth-c..., July 1955

Track ID : 30179

The son of Boban Saor was asked to sell two sheep for a half-crown each, and to return with the two sheep. He managed to do this.

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An t-amadan a bha dhen bheachd gun robh e trom., July 1955

Track ID : 30180

The fool who thought he was pregnant. A fool became ill and went to the doctor. He was told that he was pregnant. When the fool was outside, obeying the call of nature, a hare ran between his legs...

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