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Some Say the Deil's Deid, April 1960

Track ID : 23818

A short piece of mouth-music: Some say the Deil's deid, the Deil's deid, the Deil's deid, Some say the Deil's deid, and buried in Kirkcaldy. Some say he rose again, rose again, rose again, Some sa...

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What's A' the Steer, Kimmer?, April 1960

Track ID : 23819

A short piece of mouth-music based on the Jacobite song, 'What's A the Steer Kimmer?': O fit's a the steer [commotion], cummers [gossips, cronies], fit's a the steer? Charlie, he has landed and s...

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Barney O'Hare, April 1960

Track ID : 23821

A fragment of the Irish song, 'Barney O'Hare (from the County Clare)': Oh as I gaed up the Canongate, a female stepped up to me And she has got the impudence to act'lly say she knew me, And says ...

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Father Tom O'Neill, April 1960

Track ID : 23822

A fragment of the song 'Father Tom O'Neill', in which a young man leaves his poor family to become a priest.

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Description of Fetterangus in 1917., April 1960

Track ID : 23828

Description of Fetterangus in 1917. When Lucy Stewart came to Fetterangus, it mostly consisted of thatched cottages, with a chemist's shop, two souters [shoemakers], a baker and three masons. She...

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The story of John Lee, the man they could not hang (because..., May 1960

Track ID : 24028

The story of John Lee, the man they could not hang (because of his caul). John Lee was brought up by his grandmother when his mother remarried. He was born with a seelyhoo [caul]. This was kept: ...

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A laird vaunts his strength but meets his match., May 1960

Track ID : 24030

A laird vaunts his strength but meets his match. There was a laird, who had no marra [match] for strength. He went to a poor smith who was new in the village to have his horse shod. Each shoe the ...

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Hey Gee Up, Ma Cuddy, May 1960

Track ID : 24032

A children's rhyme: Hey, gee up, ma cuddy [donkey], Ma cuddy is ower the dyke, An if ye touch ma cuddy, Ma cuddy will gie ye a bite.

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There Waur a Fairmer's Dochter, May 1960

Track ID : 24034

A short rhyme (sung): O there waur a fairmer's dochter, Thocht lang o haein' a bairn-o, And she took her father's greyhound, And rocked it in a cradle-o, An aye, o she sang, "Ma lang-tailed doggie...

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A tragic story of cannibalism at sea., May 1960

Track ID : 24258

A tragic story of cannibalism at sea. A ship that had been at sea for a long time lost its course in bad weather, and they had no meat [food]. They drew lots to see who would be sacrificed to feed...

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