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Am Bruadar a Chunnaic Anna, July 1953

Track ID : 1703

This mouth music song tells of all the fantastic things which Anna saw in a dream.

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Ailein Duinn Nach Till Thu an Taobh Seo, July 1953

Track ID : 1705

This 18th-century song tells of an incident involving Alan of Kingsburgh. It took place in a hostelry in the the north of Skye.

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Òran do Chatriona Ghrànda, July 1953

Track ID : 1707

This song describes how the author catches the eye of a beautiful girl while in church and falls in love with her.

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Òran a' Cheannaiche, July 1953

Track ID : 6005

The song is a conversation between the poet and the trader, as if the bard had appeared to him.

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'S Gann gun Dìrich Mi A-chaoidh, July 1953

Track ID : 1701

A complaint song composed in anger at being deprived of hunting liberties in Skye.

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Moladh Neacail Màrtainn, July 1953

Track ID : 6006

This is a song in praise of Neacail Martin of Husabost in Skye. It praises his talents and virtues, and tells of his skills as a hunter.

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Òran Anna a' Phosta, July 1953

Track ID : 6007

In this song the bard tells Anna how he will provide for her, even though he admits he has been a drinker for more than 20 years.

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Gura Gile mo Leannan, July 1953

Track ID : 8020

This is a love song to a girl whose beauty is described in very flattering terms.

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Cailleach Mhòr Stadhlaigh, July 1953

Track ID : 8025

This is a humorous and satirical song, directed at those who believed in ghosts. In it, the bard tells of meeting the Old lady of Stadhlaigh, a very big and ugly ghost which he fights.

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'S Ged Tha Mise Pròiseil, July 1953

Track ID : 8026

In this sailor's song, the bard thinks nostalgically of the place in which he was born. He thinks of his mother and various people he knew in his youth.

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