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Caidil a Mhòrag, Caidil a Mhàireag, June 1956

Track ID : 70669

Fieldworkers : Ross, James (406)

This is a short lullaby. The composer states that she has plenty of cattle.

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Nuair a dh'Fhàsas Suas Mo Leanabh, June 1956

Track ID : 71077

Fieldworkers : Ross, James (406)

In this lullaby, the composer lists what the child will get when he/she grows up.

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Leabhar neònach agus na sìthichean., 26 May 1956

Track ID : 70435

Fieldworkers : Ross, James (406)

A strange book and the fairies. A man was visiting a friend in a nearby township. This friend gave him a strange book concerning the occult, and told him not to open it on the way home. However, a...

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Maol Ruainidh Glinneachan, June 1956

Track ID : 70645

Fieldworkers : Ross, James (406)

This is a cradle song. The contributor tells the story and then sings the song. When Prince Charles Edward Stewart was a fugitive, he came to Lochaber. A carpenter made a large cradle, and it was p...

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Daorghlas agus a' cheàrdach., 26 May 1956

Track ID : 70440

Fieldworkers : Ross, James (406)

Daorghlas and the smithy. Rudha na Ceàrdach goes out into Loch Lealt. At one time, when the smithy was operational, the blacksmith was so secretive about his work that he would not let anyone in. ...

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Faclan neo-chumanta às an Eilean Sgitheanach., June 1956

Track ID : 71075

Fieldworkers : Ross, James (406)

Uncommon words from the Isle of Skye. One hundred and twenty-five Gaelic words which the contributor has not seen in a dictionary, with meanings given in English.

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Fiosrachadh mu ghoibhnean agus ceàrdaichean., 1972

Track ID : 72019

Information about smiths and smithies. The old smithies were built close to water. The smith was educated and highly regarded. Nobody but the smith was allowed to enter the smithy. He kept his cra...

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Dithis shagart., 1972

Track ID : 72023

What happened when two clergymen agreed that one of them would return from the dead. Two clergymen agreed that the first one to die would come back and tell the other one how he was getting on. On...

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Fiosrachadh mu sheann eaglais ann an Cille Mhàrtainn., 1972

Track ID : 72214

Information about an old church in Kilmartin. There was an old church in Kilmartin cemetery in Stenschol which was built before the Reformaton. The last of its rafters was used in a fight after a ...

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Mo Nighean Donn na Hùg Hù, 23 October 1970

Track ID : 110018

A love song by a Skye sailor who is unhappy at losing a girl he loved from the Portree area. He admits, however, to his affairs with two other girls; one in Glasgow and one in Uig.

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