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Barra Gadgies, 1957

Track ID : 31530

A short spontaneous song in cant: O, the barra gadgies is aw in the ken An wir peevin aw like navvies tae An we sent the ither gheddi Up fir peeve and he didnae bing [chat?] Here he comes noo...

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O'Hara's Barra, August 1954

Track ID : 10282

A children's song: My uncle John fae Edinburgh came Alang wi ma Auntie Jenny Fir he gied me a penny fir tae buy whit ah like An I bocht a candy sticky For a gied Johnny Harra a lick o ma candy sti...

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Wakes in Barra., November 1964

Track ID : 72274

Fieldworkers : Ross, Anne (352)

Unknown Person

Wakes in Barra. At wakes people stay awake all night praying for the soul of the deceased. There are prayers at midnight and in the morning, before the body is taken to church. The deceased is bur...

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Home to Barra, 31 May 1976

Track ID : 29116

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Funeral customs in Barra., May 1975

Track ID : 103684

Funeral customs in Barra. The contributor describes funeral customs in Barra, from the wake to the funeral service and burial.

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Bing Avree Barra Gadgie, April 1976

Track ID : 79106

Contributors : Lyle, Dr Emily (4514)

Emily Lyle sings the Traveller cant song 'Bing Avree Barra Gadgie' as remembered from the singing of Jeannie Robertson.

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Boat-building in Barra., 01 July 1960

Track ID : 54044

Boat-building in Barra. There is no local boat-building in Barra nowadays [1960]. About 100 years previously, large boats known as 'cuthagan' were built in Castlebay. These were sailed to Ireland ...

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A' leigheas barra-chinn., 19 September 1958

Track ID : 38844

Contributors : MacDonald, Peggy (4884)

Curing barra-chinn. Children used to get barra-chinn. One of the contributor's daughters had this while they were living in Tiree. A woman put her finger in the girl's mouth three times a week and...

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Making a shroud in Barra., June 1974

Track ID : 79976

Contributors : Sinclair, Annie (7365)

Making a shroud in Barra. The contributor describes how a shroud was made. The apron was cut from material to fit the length of the body. It was then scalloped and patterned. Rosettes of material ...

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Bing Avree Barra Gadgie, 14 October 1972

Track ID : 81668

A song in Traveller cant: Bing avree, barry gadgie, Here's the hornies bingin up the wattle, For the gry it's eatin the grannin. Bing avree, barry gadgie, noo. [Go away, young man, Here are the p...

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