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Fàilte air a' Bhaile, 24 April 1985

Track ID : 52691

Praise for one part of the Paible area in North Uist. Ena MacDonald describes what she sees from the window of her house in the Paible area of North Uist. She names the hills and villages that she...

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Cleachdaidhean tiodhlacaidh, croitearachd, iasgach, agus nit..., 16 June 1969

Track ID : 87659

Fieldworkers : Fraser, Ian, 1941- (1511)

Funeral customs, crofting, fishing, and supernatural beings. Information on the following subjects: funeral customs (including the consumption of whisky, biscuits and cheese); crofting (cattle and...

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Obair dachaigh air a' chroit., 1970

Track ID : 68218

Crofting chores. Discussion about morning chores on the croft. The cows were milked and sometimes the sheep if the cows were dry. A few people kept goats. Mention of resting the peat fires at nigh...

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Cò Thug Mo Bhò a dh'Èirinn?, 14 December 1949

Track ID : 21410

In this little song, probably used as a clapping song, the composer asks who has taken her cow to Ireland. The cow came from Barra to Uist.

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Bàs Dhòmhnaill Dhuibh an Canaigh., 15 December 1949

Track ID : 21419

The death of Black Donald in Canna. Black Donald, son of Clanranald, was a strong, but violent man. One time, whilst going to Moidart from Uist, he was forced to stay in Canna due to stormy weathe...

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Clann Nìll agus a' Bhìrlinn san Stoirm, 03 January 1950

Track ID : 22577

MacNeil of Barra would often go raiding. On one unsuccessful raid, a great storm overtook their ship, and it was through sheer determination and hardiness that they managed to ride the storm. They ...

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O Bà Mo Leanabh, 21 July 1950

Track ID : 25501

A Gaelic lullaby in which a mother tells of her sadness, as she has been abandoned by the man she loved.

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O hì o hà Mo Luaidh Mo Leanaibh, 21 July 1950

Track ID : 25506

This is a Gaelic lullaby. The mother sings of her love for her child, and states that other people are out gathering tangles.

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Mac 'ic Ailein agus Nighean Mhic a' Phì, 15 February 1950

Track ID : 25021

MacPhee of Colonsay had a beautiful daughter, and he would not let anyone marry her except the person who could jump over his gate on horseback. Clanranald was that person.

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Mac 'ic Ailein agus MacNìll Bharraigh, 15 February 1950

Track ID : 25030

MacNeil of Barra once invited Clanranald to a feast, where he tried to impress upon his guest that he was wealthy. Clanranald however, found out that his host had come upon hard times.

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