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Cleachdaidhean tiodhlacaidh, croitearachd, iasgach, agus nit..., 16 June 1969

Track ID : 87659

Fieldworkers : Fraser, Ian, 1941- (1511)

Funeral customs, crofting, fishing, and supernatural beings. Information on the following subjects: funeral customs (including the consumption of whisky, biscuits and cheese); crofting (cattle and...

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Iasgach ann an Cinn Tìre., 12 March 1968

Track ID : 27529

Fishing in Kintyre. The contributor fished by Arran and Ayrshire. He gives the Gaelic equivalents of Southern place names. He has fished around Skye for herring. Mention of John Lorne Campbell of ...

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Mar a bhite a' dèanamh ròpan., 10 September 1955

Track ID : 1029

Contributors : MacLean, Murdo John (235)

Rope-making. The contributor's father told him how they used to make ropes from bog-deal - old pine which was dug up during peat-cutting. He describes how these were made. His grandfather used 'rò...

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Smeòrach a' comhairleachadh do dhuine uisge-beatha òl., 25 May 1952

Track ID : 1344

Thrush advising a man to drink whisky instead of going fishing. A man going fishing interpreted a thrush's song as advice not to go or he would be drowned, and to drink up his half-bottle instead....

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Fionn agus an Deud-fios., 19 September 1958

Track ID : 38842

Contributors : MacDonald, Peggy (4884)

Fionn and the Tooth of Knowledge. Fionn was fishing one day when he was a youngster and he saw an Englishman fishing. He wasn't catching anything and the man said to try casting a line on his luck...

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Ag iasgach timcheall Mhùideirt., May 1959

Track ID : 69212

Fishing around Moidart. Herring fishing went on both summer and winter; cod was fished in spring. They would also catch mackerel, saithe, and lythe. The contributor describes the boats used, the n...

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Tom Moncrieff's family history; the history of a hand-mill;..., 12 September 1970

Track ID : 61580

Contributors : Moncrieff, Tom (6684)

Tom Moncrieff's family history; the history of a hand-mill; drying corn in a kiln. Tom Moncrieff's grandfather was born and raised at Framgord in Esha Ness, and moved from there to North Roe when ...

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Eachdraidh nan Stiùbhartach., June 1964

Track ID : 42336

Contributors : Stewart, Peter (5567)

Stewart family history. The contributor's paternal grandmother was a Chisholm. She told his father that his people came from Appin, where they made horn spoons, gold goblets and snuff boxes. They ...

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Creideamhan iasgach., 12 September 1955

Track ID : 1178

Contributors : MacLean, Murdo John (235)

Fishing taboos. There was a taboo prevalent in the Highlands at one time that, if one was going out to sea, clothes that had been dyed with lichen would not be worn. They feared that if someone fe...

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Iasgach ann an Ùig, Eilean Leòdhais., 28 April 1977

Track ID : 65371

Fishing in Uig, Lewis. The contributor's father was a fisherman. There was a crew of eight, and they used a boat with sails. Three types of nets were used: long-lines, short-lines, and herring-net...

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