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O Hao Bheirinn Siud dham Leanabh, 1963

Track ID : 99532

This is a lullaby in which the composer names various islands and parts of the Highlands which she will give her child.

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Fiosrachadh mu shinnsirean an fhiosraiche., 04 October 1968

Track ID : 60246

Information about the contributor's ancestors. John, the contributor's great-uncle, was a wild man. He joined the Black Watch but had to leave as he was too young. He then joined the navy, but was...

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A description of the contributor's parents., 04 October 1968

Track ID : 60268

A description of the contributor's parents. The contributor describes his father as having been a very kind man who was good looking, with fair hair and blue eyes. He was a very refined man. His m...

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Seanfhaclan le mìneachaidhean:, October 1966

Track ID : 60342

Gaelic proverbs with explanations: Nead air Nollaig, ugh air Inid, fìon air Càisg; mura bi sin aig an fhitheach, bithidh am bàs. Adharcan fada air crodh Èireann.

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Fiosrachadh mu dheidhinn brochan air a dhèanamh le feanntaga..., 1968

Track ID : 60553

Information about nettle broth.

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Fiosrachadh mu bhràithrean Iain mhic Ailein agus na càirdean..., 1968

Track ID : 60600

Information about Iain mac Ailein's brothers and their relatives.

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Fiosrachadh mu na Fianntan., 1968

Track ID : 60630

Information about the Fingalians. Ossian, son of Fionn, was nine feet tall and he was the shortest of the Fingalians. Caoilte was the fastest.

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Beagan iomraidh air athair an fhiosraiche., 1968

Track ID : 60668

A few comments about the contributor's father.

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Fiosrachadh mu dheidhinn bràilleachadh., 1968

Track ID : 60674

Information about an initiation rite. Apprentices were put through an initiation rite. The contributor explains what was involved. He heard about it from a man who went through the process.

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Mar a fhuair Ailean Dall a leannan., 1968

Track ID : 60717

How Ailean Dall got his girl. Ailean Dall was after Glengarry's housekeeper. He made sure she got a bad reputation so that the other boys would avoid her and he could have her for himself.

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