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Prògram Choinnich, 05 April 1995

Track ID : 6442

Interviewers : MacLean, Flora (1089)

This week's guest Zena Nicoll answers questions about herself.

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Prògram Choinnich, 06 April 1998

Track ID : 13535

Contributors : MacLeod, Dr Finlay (373)
Interviewers : MacLean, Flora (1089)

Dr Finlay MacLeod's book choice. Dr Finlay MacLeod discusses his choice of four books: 'the Selfish Gene', by Richard Dawkins; 'Setting Foot on the Shores of Connemara', by Tim Robinson; 'Photocop...

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Prògram Choinnich, 05 July 1995, 05 July 1995

Track ID : 6113

Contributors : Monk, Seonag (638)

Seonag Monk answers questions about herself and her life.

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Dealan-dè, 31 August 1990

Track ID : 98400

Interviewers : MacDonald, Cathy (968)

Ronald Black discusses old Celtic manuscripts, Gaelic manuscripts in general, and the National Library of Scotland.

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Dealan-dè, 17 April 1987

Track ID : 36275

Interviewers : Murray, John, 1938- (439)

A workshop for radio drama writers. Dr Finlay MacLeod set up a workshop for radio drama writers. The contributors talk about their own experiences as writers for drama and the difference between w...

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Dealan-dè, 28 October 1986

Track ID : 32885

Contributors : MacLeod, Donna (866)

The Children's Panel. Donna MacLeod explains how the Children's Panel was established. She also explains how the system works and talks about the different issues that come before the panel.

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Dealan-dè, 28 November 1986

Track ID : 33431

Forecasting the weather by observing and listening for particular signs. Marion MacLeod talks about the signs which old people used to observe in the sky, at sea and on land in order to forecast t...

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Dealan-dè, 20 February 1987

Track ID : 36165

Gaelic drama. John Smith and Donald John MacLeod were both in the drama group 'Na Lorganaich' which was originated by Dr Finlay MacLeod in Aberdeen. When they were students they went on tour throu...

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Dealan-dè, 13 June 1986

Track ID : 30604

The book 'Go Listen to the Crofters'. Martin MacDonald commends the book 'Go Listen to the Crofters'. He talks about the title, the photographs, the questions that are raised in the preface, who t...

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Prògram Choinnich, 01 September 1998

Track ID : 15925

Catherine MacDonald takes Kenneth MacIver to the shops to show him what to consider when buying a new kitchen pan.

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