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Fàgail Bharraigh, 04 October 1976

Track ID : 60153

Contributors : Stewart, Mrs Mòr (6612)

The bard was passing Barra on a ship on his way to Montreal when he composed this homeland song. He tells of his sadness at seeing a glimpse of his native island and he thinks of those he left behi...

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Ach a Dheagh Mhic an Uidhir, 1968

Track ID : 60550

A lament composed by Mac an Uidhir's foster mother, after she had been told he had drowned. However, he had been abandoned on an island by a rival for his fiancé's affections.

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An Gàidheal am Measg nan Gall, 1968

Track ID : 60603

A song complaining about life for the Gael in the Lowland cities.

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Hòrò Bhodachain Hòrò, 1968

Track ID : 60667

A humorous song/satire in which a woman complains about, and makes fun of, a mean and greedy husband.

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Mo Roghainn 's mo Rùn a Chunnaic Mi An-dè, 1968

Track ID : 60669

In this song a man sings of his love for his sweetheart whom he saw the previous day.

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Hòrò Bhodachain Hòrò, 1968

Track ID : 60680

A humorous song by a woman who is complaining about her mean and greedy husband.

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Òran Molaidh air Tighearna Ghlinne Garadh, 1968

Track ID : 60684

A song in praise of Alasdair MacDonell, chief of Glen Garry.

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Cumha Iain Òig Sgairinis, 1968

Track ID : 60686

A lament for John Campbell of Scarinish. He had been a merchant in Tiree and took ill and died when on a buying trip to Glasgow.

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Aoir Anna, 1968

Track ID : 60704

A satire on a woman named Anna from Cromarty who drinks too much.

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Port na Caillich, 1968

Track ID : 60718

A mouth music song in which a man complains about having married an old woman. He lists some of the things she did that used to annoy him. He was glad when she passed away.

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