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Mo Chùbhrachan 's a Chùl ri Làr, November 1965

Track ID : 24742

Contributors : Morrison, Mary (2415)

This is a version of a well-known cradle song. According to some stories, the song was composed by a woman whose child had been stolen by the fairies. It tells of her fruitless search for the missi...

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Till an Crodh a Dhòmhnaill, March 1965

Track ID : 43816

Fieldworkers : Ross, James (406)

The contributor tells how Ailean nan Creach [Allan of the Raids] went stealing cattle on the lands of Mac Raghnaill na Ceapaich [MacDonald of Keppoch] and how they got Donald MacDonald of Keppoch t...

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Maol Ruainidh Glinneachan, June 1956

Track ID : 70645

Fieldworkers : Ross, James (406)

This is a cradle song. The contributor tells the story and then sings the song. When Prince Charles Edward Stewart was a fugitive, he came to Lochaber. A carpenter made a large cradle, and it was p...

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Tha am fiosraiche ag innse mu na sgeulachdan as fheàrr leis., 1969

Track ID : 49542

The contributor talks about his favourite stories.

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Sealgair a' Choilich Bhuidhe, July 1967

Track ID : 95723

This is a fairy lament. A man went to meet his fairy sweetheart every day until his family became suspicious. Two brothers followed him one day, and shot him with an arrow when the fairy woman left...

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Mo Chùbhrachan 's a Chùl ri Làr, August 1970

Track ID : 66911

Contributors : Morrison, Mary (2415)

This is a lullaby in the fairy song tradition. The mother of a child stolen by the fairies lists the various animal and bird tracks she has found. She has not found any sign of her child.

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Leigheasan lus., 12 June 1958

Track ID : 31691

Contributors : MacLeod, Mrs Annie (4599)
Fieldworkers : Ross, James (406)

Plant cures. Cows with 'teas-broilein' (a condition brought on by eating too much dry food) were given 'liath-rus' (a moorland plant like bogbean). Carbuncles were brought to a head with a plant w...

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Fichead seanfhacal, le mìneachadh air corra fhear dhiubh:, June 1956

Track ID : 71068

Fieldworkers : Ross, James (406)

Twenty proverbs, with some explanations.

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Faili, Faili, Faili Ò Ro, December 1956

Track ID : 106046

The bard gives information about the song 'Faili, faili, faili ò ro', which he composed after emigrating to Canada. In this song he remembers island life in Lewis.

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Facail co-cheangailte ri crodh is eich., 1972

Track ID : 53595

Words connected with cattle and horses. (see Gaelic for names) 1. Name given to a cow which has lost a calf. 2. Name given to the skin from a dead calf, which is put on another calf so that the co...

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