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Naidheachd mu dheidhinn mar a chaidh Dòmhnall Òg a chleachda..., 1968

Track ID : 60605

An anecdote about Dòmhnall Òg being used as a human bier. An anecdote about Dòmhnall Òg, the Rosinish herd, being used as a bier by a funeral party while he slept. The coffin was taken to seven di...

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Boban Saor agus mar a fhuair e brath gun rachadh a chrochadh..., September 1966

Track ID : 60776

Contributors : MacIntyre, Michael (4717)

Boban Saor and how he uncovered a plan to have him hanged. Boban Saor was a very crafty man. He went to a house in Ireland where there were two boys. A stream which ran at the end of the house kep...

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Dòmhnall a' toirt an car às Fichean is Foichean., August 1976

Track ID : 57040

Donald deceiving Fichean and Foichean. There were three neighbours - Fichean, Foichean and Donald - living side by side with their mothers. Donald was cunning and often got the better of Fichean a...

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Na thachair dha triùir chloinne a chaidh a ghoid le droch ph..., August 1976

Track ID : 57041

The adventures of three children stolen by their evil aunts. The contributor is given a summary of a story as a prompt. Three sisters wished for husbands. The king overheard the youngest girl and ...

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Phòs gille nighean rìgh an dèidh dha a bhith air a chur air..., August 1976

Track ID : 57046

A boy banished from his father's farm marries a king's daughter. A farmer banished his son from the farm. The boy managed to save a king's daughter by killing a giant who wished to marry her. He m...

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Naidheachd mu bhean-ghlùine a chaidh a thoirt a-steach do ch..., 1968

Track ID : 57142

A story about a midwife who was taken into a hillock. A coach and two horses came to a midwife's door one night and a man asked her to come and tend to his wife. She went and the coach and horses ...

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Naidheachd mu dheidhinn balach nach fhaca àbh a-riamh., 1968

Track ID : 57199

An anecdote about a boy who had never seen a fishing-net.

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Mar a rinn gille an gnothach air an droch mhuime aige., 03 October 1976

Track ID : 57262

How a boy got the better of his bad stepmother. A boy was returning from herding when he met his stepmother. She told him to go home to his food, but not to eat the broken bannock nor to break the...

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A fairy changeling reveals himself to a tailor, who gets rid..., 1978

Track ID : 57357

A fairy changeling reveals himself to a tailor, who gets rid of him. A travelling tailor came to a farm and stayed there to make a suit. The family had a bairn [child], Johnny, who was constantly ...

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Funny story based on a Scots pronunciation., 1978

Track ID : 57361

Funny story based on a Scots pronunciation. The doctor remarked that Alec Stewart was down in the mouth. Alec said the problem was secks [i.e. sacks]: he needed them to put tatties [potatoes] in.

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