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Leabhar neònach agus na sìthichean., 26 May 1956

Track ID : 70435

Fieldworkers : Ross, James (406)

A strange book and the fairies. A man was visiting a friend in a nearby township. This friend gave him a strange book concerning the occult, and told him not to open it on the way home. However, a...

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Mar a thàinig ceòl an toiseach do na h-Eileanan Siar., July 1953

Track ID : 3266

Fieldworkers : Ross, James (406)

How music first came to the Western Isles. A widow's only son found a musical instrument on the seashore but got very depressed because he was unable to play it. His mother went to a 'sgoil-dhubh'...

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Mar a thug mac buidealair an car às uachdaran a chuir air fa..., July 1953

Track ID : 3498

Contributors : Thorburn, Samuel (1773)
Fieldworkers : Ross, James (406)

How a butler's son tricked the landowner who banished him for theft. A butler to a Highland landowner had his son taken into service. Valuables began to go missing and the son was held responsible...

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Dòmhnall Cam, Alasdair na Sàile Giorra, agus an carbad caorach., March 1955

Track ID : 29008

Contributors : MacAulay, Roderick (4321)

Dòmhnall Cam, Alasdair na Sàile Giorra, and the sheep's jawbone. Some devious folk got Dòmhnall Cam drunk and sent him away on a vessel to the mainland along with Alasdair na Sàile Giorra. They we...

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Dh'fheumadh rud sònraichte tachairt mus rachadh geas air nea..., 1971

Track ID : 107458

Some particular action would have to take place before a spell could be broken. Some particular action would have to take place before a spell could be broken. The contributor gives an example of ...

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Dithis bhreabadairean ann an Tiriodh, Gilleabart agus Coinneach., 1953

Track ID : 3321

Contributors : Thorburn, Samuel (1773)
Fieldworkers : Ross, James (406)

Two Tiree weavers, Gilleabart and Coinneach Beag, selling their customers' cloth to make money. Gilleabart and Coinneach Beag are two weavers in Tiree. Instead of returning completed orders for cl...

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Seann chàraid agus na trì iarrtasan aca a chaidh ceàrr., 19 March 1953

Track ID : 1132

A poor old couple's three wishes go wrong. A poor old couple lived near a fairy knoll. If anyone got into a knoll, they were granted three wishes. The old woman saw that it was open one night and ...

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Manadh air bàs: bàta anns an robh solas., March 1953

Track ID : 2618

Contributors : MacGillivray, John (3568)

An omen of death: a light in a boat. The crew of a fishing boat saw a light in the stern of a boat. They pulled it up on the shore and abandoned it. It filled with water. Much later, children were...

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Am fear ann an Ceap Breatainn a bha air chall., March 1953

Track ID : 2635

How a man in Cape Breton who was lost was guided home by a stranger. A man in Cape Breton went for a walk and got lost in a wood. After several days he came to a loch with a headland jutting out i...

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Rabhadh a fhuair bean a bha a' tuireadh, 's a leanabh air bàsachadh., March 1953

Track ID : 2638

Warning to a distraught mother who had lost her child. A woman lost a child and cried excessively. On the day of the funeral, she stood crying in the room where the coffin had lain. Then she felt ...

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