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Caiseart Gharbh Nic an Uidhir, 1968

Track ID : 60549

A fragment of a poem which mentions the witch 'Caiseart Gharbh Nic an Uidhir' and her sister 'Cas a' Mhogain'.

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Tha am fiosraiche ag aithris chriomagan de rann mu Mhanus Mò..., 1968

Track ID : 60621

The contributor recites extracts from a verse telling how Manus Mòr, the King of Lochlann's son, healed Cian's leg.

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Tha am fiosraiche ag aithris criomag de rann., 1968

Track ID : 60626

The contributor recites a fragment of verse.

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Rannan de dh'òran air an aithris., 1968

Track ID : 57606

The contributor recites some Gaelic verses. The source is not stated.

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Tha am fiosraiche ag aithris beagan den rann a tha ag innse..., 1968

Track ID : 58899

The contributor recites some verse telling how Mànas Mòr, the King of Norway's son, came to heal Cian's leg.

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Thuirt Casan Casruisgte, Bidh Sneachda Co-dhiù Ann, September 1974

Track ID : 58909

Contributors : Dix, Catherine (363)

This is a verse about what kind of place Purgatory was.

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Tha am fiosraiche ag aithris bàrdachd a rinn Ailean Dall., 1968

Track ID : 58750

The contributor recites a piece of poetry composed by Ailean Dall.

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The Weaver, 29 March 1982

Track ID : 55904

The speaker in the poem comments unfavourably on the speed with which Jean has consented to marry a weaver. The speaker might have been attracted to her himself, but thought it wasn't proper to be ...

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Mysie, 29 March 1982

Track ID : 55905

The poet warns about the impatience and quick temper of Mysie at Brownhills Farm, but ends by saying that she is the first to help anybody who is in distress.

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Tom Todd reads a poem of his own composition, 29 March 1982

Track ID : 55907

Tom Todd ['Kilbucho'] reads a poem of his own composition, describing the life of a tramp. The tramp has pleasant times as well as troubled ones, and things are never too bad. The attitude of men t...

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