Conall Gulban.
Date 1969
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Conall Gulban.

The King of Ireland died of a broken heart after the death of his queen, leaving a young son named Conall. The dead king's father succeeded him, and some years later he sent Conall in search of a wife who had hair as black as a raven, a neck as white as snow, and cheeks as red as blood. Conall set off with a ball and a golden shinty stick. He gave up his search, but when he was on his way home he met a man slaughtering an animal. He asked the man if he knew a woman fitting the description he gave, and the man told him where he could find her. He went to the house and asked the occupants to come and fight, but was refused. He broke in and stole the girl. He was pursued, so he tied the girl to a tree and killed his pursuers with the shinty stick. More men came and he killed them also, but he lost the girl. He came to the sea and forced a man to ferry him to an island. When they arrived, the ferryman deserted him. He saw another boat and found the girl in it, with a man asleep near her. This was his grandfather, who had taken the girl while Conall was fighting. He went back to Ireland, married the girl, and became king.

Item Notes

The contributor learned this story from his father.