Bodach an Ruamhair agus Corra Chriostag.
Date 1969
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Bodach an Ruamhair and Corra Chriostag.

Corra Chriostag sifted all the flour away into the wind in order to catch an insect she saw in it. She threw meat to the cabbages when she heard the old man say, "This will use up the cabbage." The old man told her one day to leave some butter until "Sgrìob Liath an Earraich" came. A man came, and she asked him if he was Sgrìob Liath an Earraich. When he said he was, she gave him the butter.

Next day she told the old man to take a sack of yarn to the weaver. She went inside the bag. The weaver was not at home, and the old man left the sack at his door while he went to look for him. Corra Chriostag came out and went home. The weaver was made to compensate for the lost yarn, as he had not been at home when he should have been.

Corra Chriostag went for the tweed, and on her way home she threw it to birds in the loch, as she thought they were saying, "Futhach[?] fodhad an clò." She told them to do so themselves.

The old man left home and Corra Chriostag followed him. He asked her, "An do tharraing thu an còmhla ris na h-ursainnean?" She went back, and returned with the door and posts on her back. The two of them climbed a tree in the forest. Robbers stopped below them and they dropped the door and posts on them. The robbers ran away, leaving everything behind. The old man donned a cow-hide and chased them far away. They returned home, retrieved the tweed, and she made clothes for him.

Item Notes

The contributor learned this story from her father.