Bean Mhic 'ic Ailein agus Fuaran an Amhairc, agus mar a mhar...

Date 1970
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Part 1

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SA1970.207.A3; SA1970.207.A4

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Clanranald's wife and Fuaran an Amhairc, and how Allan of Clanranald was killed at the Battle of Sheriffmuir.

Clanranald's wife used to send a man to Fuaran an Amhairc to get water. This spring was at the top of a' Bheinn Mhòr. He used to make it back to Ormaclete in an hour.

Allan of Clanranald was killed by one of his own men at Sheriffmuir. A MacCormick from South Uist shot him with a silver sixpence, to overcome the charm put on him by a woman in Iochdar. She told him not to speak to a woman at a ford. A seer foresaw Allan's death at Ormaclete. He was not liked among his subjects, as he was very hard on them. On the night of his death, Ormaclete Castle went on fire. Some believed his wife started it, knowing none of his estate would be hers. She was banished by Allan's brother, Raghnall Òg. He was the last Clanranald chief at Ormaclete.

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Allan of Clanranald





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