Jack's kindness to his bantam cock is rewarded with riches.
Date March 1955
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Jack's kindness to his bantam cock is rewarded with riches.

An old woman asked her son, John [sometimes referred to later as Jack], to make sure that her little bantam cock got its food when she was dead. He fed it well, although he had little meal, and he had to get rid of the other hens. When the meal was running out, the bantam cock went to a castle by night, and told the king that its master was the king of all kings and would be visiting soon. It said that its master let it sleep on top of his gold, so the king did the same. It spent the night flying back and forth with pieces of gold for John. The cock took John to visit the king. The king wanted to visit him in return, with his daughter. The bantam cock obtained a castle by tricking a giant. The king and princess were convinced that John was the king of all kings. The bantam cock asked John to cut its head off. Reluctantly, he did this, and the cock turned into a person. [Change of tape.] It turned out to be his brother under an enchantment. John married the princess.

Recording Location

County - Perthshire

Parish - Blairgowrie

Village - Blairgowrie