Seanchas air na sìthichean agus an t-adhbhar nach eil daoine...
Date c. August 1953
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Tradition relating to fairies and the reason they are not seen anymore.

The contributor tells a story he heard in a cèilidh house in the north-west of Skye. An old man asked why fairies were no longer to be seen. Another old man told of how there was a battle in Heaven between God's angels and the Devil's angels. One group did not take part: the fairies. God's angels triumphed and the Devil and his angels were cast into Hell. As a judgement on the fairies, God told them that although they were too good for Hell, they were not good enough for Heaven, and that they must live underground on Earth and have no contact with mankind. After many years, God took pity on the fairies and let them return to Heaven. That is why fairies are no longer to be seen.