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Program Choinnich 13.03.1998


Discussion of story about abduction of Gordon MacKay's great-great-grandfather; history of Gress MacIvers.

Donald Alasdair Stewart discusses Gordon MacKay's story about his great-great-grandfather's abduction by MacIvers of Lewis, and gives some history of the Gress MacIvers. It was common for people to be tied to one master for a number of years or for their whole lives. The MacIvers came to Lewis with the Seaforths to maintain law and order and they had many boats, travelling as far afield as Ireland. Donald gives information about whisky and taxes, and why whisky was known by the name Mac an Tòisich. There were close links between Lewis and West Sutherland around the mid-18th century. The MacIvers were merchants and travelled as far as Carlisle. The bard Rob Donn visited Gress and Donald recites a piece of poetry he composed about it. Donald tells about Lewis MacIver, tacksman of Gress, who was considered to be the clan chief. He also gives further information about the MacIvers' boats.

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County - Ross and Cromarty

Parish - Stornoway

Island - Lewis

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County - Ross and Cromarty

Island - Lewis




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