Mac 'ic Ailein a' toirt dùbhlan do chroitear bho Ghrìminis n...
Date July 1974
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Griminish crofter who could not pay his rent set a task by Clanranald.

People in Griminish paid rent in grain. One crofter did not have enough grain to fill the last peck and asked the factor if he could pay the rest the next term. The factor refused him and they fought: the crofter made up the shortfall with the factor's blood, though he did not kill him.

A week later, Clanranald sent a letter asking to see the crofter and his eldest son. When he arrived, Clanranald told him to dig a hole of the same height as his son. He then brought the crofter an apple. The son was to stand in the hole with the apple on his head. The crofter was told to split the apple with an arrow and, if successful, he would be pardoned. Clanranald's wife and son came to watch. The crofter drew four arrows, then split the apple at one hundred yards. When asked what the other arrows were for, he said they were for Clanranald, his wife and his son if any harm had come to his own boy.