The Woods of Blairmore
Date January 1952
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SA1952.18.B2 (B11)

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Verses written by Willie Mathieson for his wife.

At Willie Mathieson's request, Hamish Henderson reads a love poem that Willie wrote in 1935 for his second wife, Barbara, on their Silver Wedding anniversary. In it he remembers his first sight of her and his long walks to court her. They married on the 26th May. He talks of his children. It ends, "On my wife I've penned these lines and I winna tell a lee, for I will loe my bonny wife until the day I dee."

Barbara Mathieson, from whom Willie got many of his ballads, died in Auchterless on 30th May 1951. He asked Hamish to read the poem in her memory and in memory of their friendship and love of the ballads.

Item Notes

8 verses.

Recording Location

County - Aberdeenshire

Parish - Ellon

Village - Ellon