Tearlach Mac a' Bhodaich
Date August 1970
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Charles - the old man's son.

There was an old couple who always put stranger's portion in pot when cooking. A woman with two children came to the door one stormy night. They received food and shelter, but the woman disappeared during night, leaving her youngest child, with a tag round his neck saying Charles. The old couple raised him.

Charles was befriended by a halfwit at school, who saved him when the landowner's sons try to kill him, but Charles had to leave the area for his own safety. He came to a house which turned out to be that of his uncle, who took Charles to his mother, who was living in a robbers' house. The uncle warned her to mend her ways or he would set fire to their house.

Charles' mother hid him from the robbers when they returned. He was reunited with his brother, Angus, that night, who advised Charles to buy a nearby place which was for sale, then Charles and his mother moved the robbers' loot there. They then set fire to the robbers' house while they were sleeping.

After a time the halfwit found Charles and stayed with him. Charles met a gentleman who tried to kill him several times on account of his watch, but the halfwit looked after him. Charles finally discovered that this man was his father's brother and they made friends.

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Tearlach Mac a' Bhodaich